Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wanderlei Sells It

This is either the best promotional video ever or the worst. I can't decide. All I know is Wanderlei's new gym will quickly become the hangout of all the top notch Vegas strippers who want to work on their "head technique" (3:45).

Some other things...

-Is it a parrot or a baby who keeps making those screeching noises (:45)? I'm fine with parrots being around when I'm working on my submissions, but babies creep me out.
-I'll only train there if they play the catchy background music (3:00) at all times.


Anonymous said...

I love him. He needs a talk show.

Mars said...

Oh that would be great! his first guest should be Quinton!
They could have their fourth fight right there!

haroldh said...

I think its a parrot.