Monday, February 9, 2009

Todd Beard Still At It

It seemed like we had heard the last of Todd Beard when he resigned, following the Kim Couture restraining order business. Well, Todd is back to his old self, despite the fact he, ya know, supposedly resigned. MMAPayout has the news that Luke Burrett, the CEO of Silver Star, has filed a restraining order against Beard.

For anyone who doesn't follow MMA clothing apparel drama (me and hopefully 100% of RNN readers)...Silver Star and Affliction were once friends, but now they aren't because Silver Star has signed on with the UFC. For Silver Star, it is a no-brainer. Either feature your products on 1-3 Affliction shows, if they even get that far. Or, go with the unbelievably popular UFC, who sells out everything and is breaking PPV records at will.

Beard needs to tone his act down. Each time this happens, he and Affliction look amateurs.

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Anonymous said...

He's a scumbag. I ran into him once at a show and you could tell everyone around him hated him.