Thursday, February 19, 2009

Strikeforce Isn't Messin Around

One of my major complaints with EliteXC was they purposely avoided putting their best fighters in the cage together. It was like they took the "Kimbo Doctrine" and applied it to everyone, in an effort to keep the biggest names from losing a fight. In MMA, everyone loses at some point. It's foolish and a waste of time to protect fighters from a loss. Many times a loss helps someone turn a corner, like in the case of Georges St-Pierre. When he lost to Matt Hughes, he rededicated himself and came back a much better fighter. We wouldn't have the current ridiculous version of GSP without that loss.

Strikeforce has thrown out the "Kimbo Doctrine". Their best fighters are going to face quality competition. The latest news is the second event in May will feature Rafael "Feijao" Cavalcante vs Renato "Babalu" Sobral for the Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Title. Nothing has been signed yet, but I don't see Babalu pulling a KJ Noons and ducking the fight. With Affliction out of action until the summer, he needs a fight. The event is likely to be headlined by Robbie Lawler and could see the Strikeforce debut of Gina Carano. Sounds good to me.

It was hoped Carano would be in action at the April event, either against Cyborg Santos or at least against someone. It appears they've hit a snag. Personally, I don't think Santos or Carano need another fight before they meet. This one has been built up for way too long. Schedule the fight for May and make it the main event. Yes, the main event. I believe it could have a Griffin/Bonnar-like influence on the sport. People need to see the fight and understand its importance. Placing it last on the card will do that. It's not like it would be hard to sell, either.


Anonymous said...

Santos is going to whoop her ass.

Cordelia said...

Admittedly, i've never been all that keen on StrikeForce, but with the acquisition of ProElite, things are really starting to get exciting - really starting to heat up. Especially with a (long shot) possibility of co-promotion with a cordial(?) Dana White and the UFC, this is a very exciting time.

Trish said...

There are rumours that Carano may fight against the men soon. I'd love to see her kick ass.