Thursday, February 12, 2009

Please Be Serious


How’s WAMMA going to make money? What’s your revenue stream?

Miletich: It comes down to, you know when you watch all the bowl games on TV, and you see the FedEx Sugarbowl for example, the WAMMA belt will be co-branded with sponsors so it’ll be the, for example, the Gatorade/WAMMA heavyweight world title. That’s the model.

May I suggest the "Condom Depot WAMMA Heavyweight Title"?

It's almost too easy sometimes.

(Feel free to suggest names for the WAMMA titles in the comments)


Anonymous said...

Tampax Lightweight Title

chappyd said...

tapout heavyweight title
tapout light heavyweight title
tapout middleweight title
tapout welterweight title
tapout lightweight title

Anonymous said...

Sick of you now jeez!!

haroldh said...

Vaseline Welterweight Title

Dana White said...

I'm gonna buy UFC sponsorships for all the titles!!!


Mars said...

Nah, Roger Huerta will sponsor it, he's gonna make loads of cash as an actor...... sorry, just find out he'll play caballero rojo in the tekken movie...

Get bac to the fucking octagon man!

Anonymous said...

Fedor Emelienenko presents the WAMMA Lightweight World Title