Friday, February 13, 2009

Penn Explains It

"Kenny if you're going to call me a liar on stuff I'm going to call you out. You're right it was not an email, you texted someone in the camp and told them that GSP is a big roider and big greaser to watch out for him. Kenny, I'm just calling a spade a spade."

This is the exact scenario I laid out. Florian chose to deny a piece of the accusation, instead of the actual accusation.


TK said...

Cage Potato has an article about this right now basically saying that if Florian really did this, it makes no sense. If BJ won, his next fight would have been against Alves at 170, meaning Florian would have to wait a long time (or take a fight in the meantime where he could lose) before he got his title shot. Florian has nothing to gain from helping a future opponent, especially if it means that he has to wait longer for what he wants.

That and we're supposed to believe that BJ could easily mix up an "email" with a "text"? Why didn't he say text in the first place then?

You can nitpick what Florian said even though it's completely illogical, but I think I'd beleive him over the dude who's already changed his story.

Maybe Penn's trying to stir things up now that it was announced that Florian's training with GSP to get ready.

Trish said...

That Florian is such an ass. My respect for him went down the drain now.