Monday, February 23, 2009

PA Finally Accepts MMA

Although it was a foregone conclusion, it still took way too long for Pennsylvania to decide to sanction Mixed Martial Arts. It took them over a year and half to review the proposal and agree on it. It's not like they were actively working on it. The thing sat around for months then they finally got around to it.

So when will the UFC be coming to town? Late summer or early fall would make the most sense because they wouldn't have to worry about basketball or hockey scheduling concerns in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. If New York continues dragging their feet on MMA regulation, Philadelphia could be a goldmine for the UFC. It's an untapped area, which is accessible for fans from multiple states. The only drawback is finding a way to conceal the booing when fights stall on the ground. I suggest they pump in dance music. Philly guidos love that crap.

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Anonymous said...

holy crap that philly guido looks like phil baroni