Wednesday, February 18, 2009

No Foot Stomps

Cooler heads prevailed. UFC 97 will take place in Quebec.

The rule I mentioned they were arguing over? Foot stomps. Yes, foot stomps. Imagine being in a meeting with millions of dollars on the line for both sides and you're arguing about the legality of foot stomps. Elbows and knees will be permitted. It probably would have been cool to see Anderson Silva fight without using his knees. At least the line would have dropped a little bit.

These Athletic Commissions (or whatever the Canadian version is) really are sometin.


Katrina said...
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Katrina said...

This couldn't have been done w/Dana talking to them over the phone? Seems a bit absurd. Not that I don't believe you, I'm sure you're just passing on what you've heard, but what's your source for this story? Seems obscene that all this nonsense, going back and forth, and Dana having to fly up there was just because of trying to decide if foot stomps would or would not be allowed? Or perhaps this was just a publicity stunt?

lionit said...

Its all over. The foot stomp thing is true.

Katrina said...

It looks like they were still arguing over more than just the foot stomps: "Possible rules that the Commission was considering enforcing would have disallowed knee and elbow strikes, possibly required a smaller fighting area, and even forced the referee to stop the action to check on a fighter who was knocked down from a standing position by strikes." I can see why Dana would argue to keep elbows and knees in there. I mean - it could have been done over the phone, surely. But it wasn't just foot stomps they were considering.