Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Prediction Record

It now stands at 71-32 (69%). I had a rough December going 7-8, but I chalk that up to almost dying. Since my miraculous recovery, I've gotten back to normal with a 19-7 record.

Here's how I've fared since November.

Fight Night 17: 5-2
UFC 94: 5-2
Reckoning: 5-2
UFC 93: 4-1
UFC 92: 2-3
TUF: 2-3
Troops: 3-2
UFC 91: 4-1

Total: 30-16 (65%)


chappyd said...

i still dont forgive u for december

hendomon said...

Nah, the TUF card was still not bad because you didn't pick the easy ones. You won some respect in my mind for doing it like that.