Friday, February 27, 2009

Major Injury for Lauzon

Joe Lauzon needs major knee surgery to repair a torn ACL and a lingering problem with his meniscus. He's facing a very long and painful rehab. Best case scenario has him back in 12-14 months, but you never know with these types of things. It's not uncommon for athletes to suffer setbacks during the rehabilitation phase. It's unfortunate because he looked very good in his win over Jeremy Stephens. Hopefully he can get through this and return to form some time in 2010.


Anonymous said...

It takes major pros an extra year to get right after acl surgery. It'll be 2011 before he feels ok again.


Anonymous said...

Tiger Woods was out 8 months when he had his ACL surgery.

Basketball players are sidelined with ACL injuries less than 12 months as well.

The meniscus being repair slows down the rehab a bit for the ACL surgery. He should be back in a year but certainly well before 2011.

Anonymous said...

Tiger Woods and basketball players don't take the daily beating fighters do.

Anonymous said...

I would guess that the problem lies in conditioning afterward. My nephew had his ACL done last year. He wasn't allowed to do anything even remotely baseball related for months.

Given the kind of training regime most UFC fighters have, I doubt Lauzon will be able to even train in six months. So on top of recovery from the surgery, he has to get back into shape from six months (or more) of inactivity.