Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Karo Failed His Drug Test

Karo Parisyan failed his drug test. He had three painkillers in his system - Hydrocodone, Hydromorphone, and Oxymorphone.

Apparently, he's a horse and needs all three.

Here's something I wrote a million years ago after James Irvin failed a drug test. I think it's a matter major MMA promotions don't wanna deal with, but eventually they're gonna have to. Trying to pass off the responsibility onto testing is the wrong way to go. What needs to happen is fighters should be monitored by doctors during training. The promotions need to keep a better eye on them, instead of letting injuries go unnoticed. Catching the fighters doing something against the rules is good for headlines. I'd rather see them prevent the problems from ever happening.

I'm not making excuses for Karo, because there isn't any defense for having three painkillers in your system. My point is larger and has to do with the overall health of all fighters. It's time a step is taken to look out for these guys, because most times they are too stubborn and full of pride to do it themselves.

(For any gamblers wondering, this will almost certainly overturn his decision win over Dong Hyun Kim and make it a No Contest. Most sportsbooks do not honor overturned results. If you won with Karo, you should be safe. If you lost on Kim, you're still a loser.)


yayaoo said...

He looked out of during the fight with Kim./

gogoface said...

Oxymorphone is strong as hell. He should not be taking it.