Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Henderson/Bisping at UFC 100

Dan Henderson has been granted a license to fight in Nevada, which makes it almost a certainty he will face Michael Bisping at UFC 100 in Las Vegas (TUF 9 filming ends in June). Henderson/Bisping will fit perfectly on the card because it's assumed there will be two five round title bouts. The UFC needs some high quality non-title fights to round out the card because of time constraints. Having millions of eyes watching Henderson/Bisping will also help market the follow-up fight between the winner and the Middleweight Champion, which needs to headline a PPV in the latter half of 2009.


fitzsim03 said...

Bisping is gettin tanked by Hendo.

Anonymous said...

Bisping looked pretty impressive when he almost beat Matt Hamill, but Henderson should be able to pull off the win.