Sunday, February 15, 2009

GSP at UFC 100

According to Dana White, Georges St-Pierre will be fighting at UFC 100 this July. Unless something major happens with the Nevada State Athletic Commission's investigation of St-Pierre/Penn II (fight ruled a "No Contest"), he'll defend the Welterweight Title against Thiago Alves. I'd be shocked if this is the main event. If Rampage beats Jardine, his title shot becomes the obvious choice. There is also the possibilty of Couture/Nogueira.

You can pretty much forget the "all five titles on the line" nonsense. Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir are fighting at UFC 98 on May 23. No shot they make a 6-7 week turnaround for UFC 100.


Anonymous said...

Evans vs Rampage
GSP vs Alves
Liddell vs

Theres my opinion of what will happen

BardYarker said...

The style and class of George St-Pierre fighting Thiago Alves not the main event?
Rear Naked, your a Penn licker....'nough said!.

Anonymous said...

BardYarker, your a GSP licker

Anonymous said...


Trish said...

GSP could take Lesner if there were 10 minute rounds.