Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Franklin vs Silva at UFC 99

According to MMAWeekly, Rich Franklin will face Wanderlei Silva at UFC 99 in Germany. The bout will be at a catch weight of 195 lbs. I love everything about this fight, especially the catch weight. No need to make either drop to 185 lbs. Wanderlei wants to eventually make the full move to Middleweight, but this will give him an in-between fight to get his body used to it.

It also presents an extremely intriguing match-up. Will we see vintage overpowering Wanderlei at the lighter weight? Will Franklin exorcise his clinch demons? Does a convincing win immediately put Wanderlei into the Middleweight Title picture? How much will Franklin bleed?

They have a legit main event on their hands.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this match!

Anonymous said...

The source that revealed the fight indicated it would be a co main event, possibly with BJ Penn vs Kenny Florian as the main event.

Extremely intriguing fight but I can't help but wonder what happens to Wanderlei's career if he loses, even for someone as legendary as "The Axe Murderer" going one and five in your last six bouts is extremely hard to overcome.

This fight has fight of the year potential but it still makes me very nervous. Wand has to win, he absolutely must.

Landon Tucker said...

I'm still voting for Franklin.