Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Florian Sorta Denies It

Kenny Florian has sorta denied giving BJ Penn information prior to UFC 94 about Georges St-Pierre greasing. However, his wording is a little lawyerish for me. I'm waiting to hear back from him in order to clear up the language and get a total denial. At this point, all we know is he does not know BJ Penn's email address.

"I don't even know BJ's email. How or why would I send that information?"

UPDATE: Here is the official response I received, "The last time Kenny communicated with BJ Penn was before he fought Joe Stevenson at UFC 91, where they exchanged pleasantries. Kenny is thrilled to hear that he will have the opportunity to test himself against the world's number one 155lber, UFC Lightweight Champion, BJ Penn."

It's a little weird Florian has chosen to avoid saying, "I did not in any way tell BJ Penn or his camp that GSP is a greaser." Even if he did, it's not that big of a deal. He's already on record saying Roger Huerta (a Greg Jackson fighter) was abnormally slippery. Would it be much of a stretch for him or someone in his circle to mention to BJ or his camp to be wary of GSP's slickness? Until I hear a flat denial, I think the truth is somewhere in the middle.


Anonymous said...

Florian DID comment that huerta was slippery during their fight... more drama

lionit said...

Why is he being weird about denying it? A simple yes or no is better than the email crap.

Anonymous said...

I betcha a member of Florian's team said something.

Anonymous said...

You are not good in MMA anymore