Saturday, February 7, 2009

UFC Fight Night 17 Live Results

Preliminary Card
Matt Riddle vs Steve Bruno
-Riddle Wins by Unanimous Decision
Nick Catone vs Derek Downey
-Catone Wins by 2nd Rd Submission (Keylock)
Rich Clementi vs Gleison Tibau
-Tibau Wins by 1st Rd Submission (Guillotine)
Matt Grice vs Matt Veach
-Veach Wins by 1st Rd TKO
Dan Miller vs Jake Rosholt
-Millers Wins by 1st Rd Submission (Guillotine)
Kurt Pellegrino vs Rob Emerson
-Pellegrino Wins by 2nd Rd Submission (Rear Naked)

-I'm 3 for 3 heading into the Main Card. Pellegrino at -225 was the easiest money I've ever made.

-Rogan and Goldberg doing their usual introductions. Somehow Goldberg managed to mention BJ Penn without bringing up "Grease". I bet his friends dared him to do it. If he gets through the entire broadcast without mentioning it, he gets a free lap dance. If he doesn't, he has to grow a mustache.

Luigi Fioravanti vs Anthony Johnson
-Johnson has an 8 inch reach advantage. I'd love to see footage of how he cuts weight for fights. I imagine he walks around at 240 lbs.

Round 1
Luigi tries a kick from six feet away and misses by five feet. I swear that happened. Johnson lands a solid leg kick. He's faking a lot of kicks early on. Another leg kick for Johnson. Luigi barely misses an overhand right. Jab lands for Luigi, but he eats a leg kick as it connects. Johnson stuffs a takedown attempt. He's pinned into the cage, though. Johnson gets knee'd in the balls. A right hand staggers Luigi. Another strike drops him. Johnson on top raining down punches. Ref stops it.

Johnson Wins by 1st Rd TKO

-Johnson did something really smart. I'm not sure if it was by design or not. He spent the first four minutes throwing almost all kicks then switched it up and went to punches towards the end of the round. Luigi walked right into them because he was tired of getting kicked in the legs.

-He's gotta get a big fight after this. They'll probably make him fight Chris Lytle, though. My choice? Karo Parisyan.

Josh Neer vs Mac Danzig
-Neer is only 25. That's shocking. I thought he was at least 46.

Round 1
Danzig went for a head kick and got caught with right that momentarily dropped him. It was sort of a slip. Neer hit him with a couple shots following the fall. Neer keeping the pressure on. Both fighting in close. Danzig catches him with a solid combo. Things have slowed down, as both work for standing position near the cage. Danzig lands a right hand over the top. He's throwing sweet combos. It's leaving him open, but they look nice. Leg kick by Danzig. A right hand sends Neer down. It was another "sorta knockdown". Danzig on top. Neer hooks in a triangle, but Danzig escapes. Neer works right into an omoplata. Danzig stands and is on the defensive. Neer landing body kicks and punches. Danzig makes it to the bell. RNN Scores it 10-9 Neer.

Round 2
Good jab by Danzig. Neer defends a takedown and ends up on top. He's throwing serious elbows. Punches mixed in now. Danzig is in trouble. Neer positions to his back after a scramble. He's too high and slips over. Danzig on top in full guard. He's not doing much work. Neer is controlling his hands and posture very well so far. Danzig begins to work. Neer has a triangle. Danzig tries to stand out of it. Neer rolls him over. Danzig taps.

Neer Wins by 2nd Rd Submission (Triangle)

-Danzig got dominated. He looked like an amateur.

-Neer very defensive after the fight, saying "Love me or hate me, I don't care." I'm not sure where that came from. The fans were cheering the whole fight.

-We're an hour in and there's been a little over 13 minutes of actual fights. That's not a good ratio. It's nonstop commercials and other stupid crap I don't care about like sneak peeks of "Street Fighter 4" and "Friday the 13th".

Cain Velasquez vs Denis Stojnic
-Stojnic has the physique of an adolescent hippo.
-Velasquez looks like Big Nog with better sculpted eyebrows.
-"This fight is presented by "Street Fighter 4"...Let's do this!!!" - Buffer

Round 1
Cain connects with a right. Stojnic comes out throwing a few kicks. Cain throwing some bombs early. They tie-up briefly and Cain drives him into the cage. Knees by Cain. He clinches Stojnic and lands a couple knees to the head. He lands some punches then goes back to the clinch and knees. Stojnic ate 7-8 knees during the sequence. A barrage of rights and lefts to the body and head by Cain. Stojnic's arms are too short to connect with any regularity. More knees to the head mixed in with punches. A right staggers Stojnic. Cain coming on strong in the final minute. He clinches Stojnic then fires off multiple kicks to the leg. Stojnic visibly tired to end the round. RNN Scores it 10-8 Velasquez.

Round 2
Leg kick by Cain. A left to the body followed by a right to the head by Cain. They scramble to the ground and Cain is on top. He moves to the side and lands 5-7 short elbows to the head. Raining down rights now. Stojnic is bleeding. Stojnic is covering up and doing nothing. Cain continues throwing rights from the side. Referee ends it.

Velasquez Wins by 2nd Rd TKO

-Ending was about as awkward as MMA can be. Stojnic wasn't hurt badly, he just didn't have any way to escape the situation. Mercifully, the referee ended it.

-Not seeing the entrances really lowers the drama. I wish they'd change that.

Joe Lauzon vs Jeremy Stephens
-Stephens lets loose a "BOOM!" as he's announced. It was really gay.
-Why would anyone want to be known as "J-Lau"?

Round 1
Lauzon drops down after ducking a punch. He's working from the bottom. They're back standing. Lauzon pressing him into the cage. He appears to be using the Guida approach. Stephens can't get him off. Lauzon drops down for a leg lock, but can't get it hooked. Back up briefly and he takes Stephens down. He's in side control. Now back to full guard. Lauzon lands a few punches from the top. Working for a mount and he has it. He goes for an arm bar. Stephens pulls his arm out and is on top now. Stephens throwing big strikes from the top. Most were blocked. A couple got through. Lauzon up, but Stephens slams him down and is back on top. RNN Scores it 10-9 Lauzon.

Round 2
Stephens throwing wild bombs. Most missing. Lauzon throwing back, same thing...most miss. Lauzon drops down and uses a fireman's carry to get Stephen's down. He's on top and now in side control. He's not throwing strikes. He gets the mount. He switches to the back, as Stephens tries to scramble. Stephens counters and is on top. Lauzon screwed up there. Elbows from the top by Stephens. Lauzon is bleeding. He reverses and is now on top of Stephens in side contol, then mount. A crazy move to get the mount. He switches instantly to an arm bar. Stephens defends for a little, but then taps.

Lauzon Wins by 2nd Rd Submission (Arm Bar)

-Lauzon was impressive. His movement on the ground was about as good as you'll see in an MMA fight. The final transition from side control to mount to arm bar was a thing of beauty.


Anonymous said...

Rosholt got schooled! A minute in and he taps.

Overrated right there

haroldh said...

Sounds like a boring night. Were any of the fights worth watching?

Anonymous said...

good summary, but Johnson walking around at 240? are you serious? That is physically impossible for someone to lose 70 lbs with such low body fat and live. They mentioned his normal weight to be about 200.

Blackhawk said...

Johnson walking around at 240??? I don't think so. He drops 70 punds to fight.....I think you mean he walks around at 200 or 205.