Monday, February 2, 2009

Dana Knows What's Up

Start watching at the 9 minute mark. You'll see Chuck Liddell deliver the Vaseline news to Dana White and Frank Mir. Then Dana tells Rashad Evans, "Georges is in trouble." Great video. These video blogs have gotten boring, but this one delivers.


Anonymous said...

I thought blogs were making a story out of nothing until I saw this video blog. Liddell looks like he was sure something wrong was happening and Mir's reaction is interesting as well.

Anonymous said...

I like that Rear Naked is staying subjective on this and not pointing fingers till anything conclusive breaks.

whome said...

Anything conclusive?


There have been videos, gifs, Penn's head trainer, other fighters claiming the same thing.

How much more is needed?

Rear Naked said...

Um, last time I checked, this is a blog and not the NY Times. If you want boring crap, there are plenty of other MMA sites to read where the writers are too worried about ruining their relationships with fighters/managers to ever say anything against them.

The fact remains, GSP's cornerman did something against the rules. He was warned and he did it again. He even tried to do it a third time. That's cheating.

If Penn's corner did it, I'd be saying the exact same things.

Anonymous said...

Oh, well if Penn's head trainer and the guys that GSP brutalized say it, then it's gotta be true! I bet Jay Heiron and Pete Spratt will come out of the woodwork to attest to the alleged cheating too.

chappyd said...

the camera man must have been a former fighter who georges beat to. he kept showing him getting rubbed down with vaseline after each round.

dana white also must have a reason to say "georges is in trouble".

its all a giant conspiracy to get georges. poor him.

Anonymous said...

Thax for the posts RNN! Great stuff!