Wednesday, February 11, 2009

BJ's First Interview

It turned out to be an interesting interview. He talked about just about everything you'd want him to. The most shocking moment was when Penn revealed it was Kenny Florian who told his camp prior to the fight about Georges St-Pierre greasing. I didn't see that one coming at all. It was widely assumed to be Matt Serra's camp, but Florian sorta makes sense. He had a lot to gain if Penn won the fight, because he would have probably been next in line to face the only man to ever hold two UFC titles at once. Facing the Lightweight Champion is a big deal. Facing the Lightweight and Welterweight Champion is a whole different level. An opportunity like that doesn't come along all that often.

-Angry at the commission for not informing his corner during the fight about the greasing. "Why didn't they tell us during the fight to make a decision on how to continue the fight?"

-"We wish we had a heads-up during the fight."

-Prior to the fight, his boxing coach, Jason Parillo, told the Commission to be on watch for St-Pierre greasing.

-Did he feel slippery? "I did feel, Mayhem actually stated that, you can't grab the back of GSP's head. You can't hold the back of GSP's head."

-Was in touch with Eddie Bravo prior to the fight about using the rubber guard.

-"Greg Jackson probably has a scientific way to grease. I'm not a professional greaser. I don't know how to do all that stuff."

-"Of course it makes a difference. Any jiu-jitsu black belt, brown belt, purple belt...Any will tell you that."

-"We're the fighters who gotta enter the ring. We're the ones who are gonna get hurt. All we're trying to do is make sure it's fair. We deserve that much."

-"If Georges is found out to be guilty, I lose respect after that."

-"I'd love the rematch. I'll fight him immediately. I'll take an immediate rematch with Georges."

-"I'm glad I could be the guy to take a thousand punches to make that rule."

-Currently in negotiations to fight Kenny Florian.

-"I wouldn't mind watching Machida knock Rashad Evans the f' out."


Anonymous said...

That is shocking. I thought it was Serra or maybe an AKA guy like Fitch or Kos.

lionit said...

After the fight Kenny was on ESPN and didn't say anything about it.

What a poser.

Tenebrous said...

I have to agree, watching Machida knock out Evans would be nice.

Tenebrous said...

Lol, Florian is training with GSP... I wonder how that is going to sit with them...

Master Shake said...

gotta wonder if maybe that accusation is just in retaliation to GSP training Florian

Blackhawk said...

OK so Penn gets the 'heads up' before the fight, claims he felt GSP was slippery and his corner did nothing and wants to be mad at the commission for not informing them?

Give me a break.

What is the excuse when GSP beats him for a 3rd time? Does anyone else get the feeling that GSP is going to really hurt BJ the next time?

MMA Gear said...

Interesting article for sure. I was wondering what was on BJ Penn's mind regarding the incident.