Friday, February 13, 2009

Bellator Will Have English Crew

Other than "U suck!!! GSP RuleZ!", my inbox seems to get an unusually high number of questions about Bellator Fighting Championships. For whatever reasons, it has capture the imagination of RNN readers. I contacted Bellator to sort out some of the things you've been asking me.

Will there be an English version?

Yes, there will be an English announcing crew at each event in addition to the Spanish crew. At this point, the outlet for the English version has not been named, but it seems like a sure thing.

Has Sergio Moraes signed with Bellator?

Not yet.

Will there be other fights at the events besides the tournament bouts?

Yes, in addition to any tournament bouts to be contested, each event will feature non-tournament fights. They are shooting for 10-12 fights at each show.

Can the fighters compete for other organizations while under contract with Bellator?

All fighters are signed to an exclusive deal with Bellator. This includes fighters who are not competing in the tournaments.

What if a fighter gets injured?

There will be events every Friday night for 12 weeks beginning on April 3rd (fights will air the following day). To win the tournament, a fighter would have to step into the cage 3 times during the 12 weeks. Injuries and medical suspensions will be taken into consideration when setting the schedule. This means there is not a hard schedule. It can be reworked to allow an advancing fighter a fair chance to adequately recover from injuries. I'm still a little dubious about it, though. 3 fights in 12 weeks can be messy when you have Athletic Commissions involved.


terry said...

Bring back War Machine!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear there will be an english version. I want them to succeed. Having MMA on ESPN is a big deal.