Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Arlovski Signs with Golden Boy

Honestly, I don't think this will work out well for them. They're probably thinking, "All those MMA fans are gonna tune in to see how Andrei does in boxing. It'll be a smash!" Then they high-five and rub each other's nuts.

The reality is few MMA fans give a crap about boxing or Arlovski. When you combine the two, you end up with three guys from Chicago who will go out of their way to watch him be a boxer. For some reason, Golden Boy can't get it out of their mind that the vast majority of MMA fans were never boxing fans. Most of us grew up watching stuff like Bloodsport, Best of the Best, and Pro Wrestling. We weren't sitting around the lunch table in 8th grade arguing about whether Ike Quartey was better than James McGirt.

The other thing they keep missing is how young the MMA audience is compared to other sports. There really isn't an older segment of any significance. If you mentioned MMA to a hundred random 65 year olds, 80% will think you're asking them about Health Care and the other 19% will stare blankly. MMA's younger audience never attached itself to boxing because most of it never had a chance. They took to MMA and did not have room for another combat sport, especially with the advent of the UFC on Spike. When you also factor in all the awesome fights available online, fans reach a saturation point. The last thing they need or want is another combat sport, which isn't marketed as well and has all sorts of problems. In my opinion, MMA grew out of the infected ashes of boxing. Without boxing as a contrast, you'd never have MMA as it is today.

I do think Arlovski's glass jaw will hold up a lot better with the pillows boxers wear on their fists, though.


Mike said...

Is it confirmed that Golden Boy is only promoting Arlovski as a boxer? Or is Golden Boy getting into MMA fight promotion?

mercuso said...

I agree with this post. MMA doesnt have common with Boxing. The age thing makes sense if you think about it.

VJ Rabid said...

I personally like boxing, having bought broadcast rights to fights for a cable network for about a year, but as you said, it's important for Golden Boy or any company that's trying to cross-promote the two sports to understand the different origins of the fanbases of the two sports.

Rear Naked said...

I still watch quite a lot of boxing. I just don't think most MMA fans do. Maybe 1-3 big fights a year, which to me doesn't make someone a "fan". They're people who like "events".