Friday, January 30, 2009

Wanderlei to 185 lbs

It's true. Wanderlei Silva will move down to 185 lbs for his next fight. Even if he has some cardio issues from the drop in weight, I still would put him in the top three in the UFC's Middleweight Division behind Anderson Silva and Dan Henderson. He just could not take the punches at Light Heavyweight anymore. When he was younger, he ate a few shots each fight and kept coming forward. At Middleweight, he should be able to withstand most of the strikes without being concreted (obviously A. Silva and Dan Henderson's right hand are exceptions).

The move also will put some excitement back into the Middleweight Division. He's a real threat with his size and knockout power. Anderson Silva has made a living beating up guys who couldn't knock him out with a sledgehammer. Against Wanderlei, he'd at least have to respect his striking.

They should put Wanderlei against Yushin Okami first. It would make perfect sense. The UFC doesn't want Okami to be successful, but he keeps winning. Let Wanderlei knock him out then you don't have to cave in and waste an Anderson Silva fight with the inevitable beating he'd give Okami. Plus, Wanderlei has a long history of pounding the hell out of Japanese fighters.


haroldoday said...

Wandy's head thanks Dana White for the move.

Anonymous said...

YES YES YES i am so happy now wandy wont go retarded and make the sport look bad and hell be on a nother knockout spree!!!!!!!!!!!