Tuesday, January 27, 2009

UFC's February Drought

January has already been a crazy month for MMA and we haven't even gotten to GSP/Penn II, which also happens to have other fights I'm psyched for like Guida/Diaz, Machida/Silva, and the return of Karo. Anyways, today I was on UFC.com and noticed how incredibly awful the month of February will be. This has nothing to do with the inevitable snow and freezing temperatures. I'm speaking strictly of the crap cards the UFC expects us to dine on. Lauzon/Stephens as headliners? Ehhhhhhhh. Sanchez vs Stevenson on top of a tape-delayed show? Woof.

The March 7th show in Columbus isn't much better (it almost was kinda good, but the Hazelett injury is a killer). It contains an interesting main event because Dana White will be praying the entire time that Jardine doesn't beat Rampage (Jardine and Evans don't wanna fight). Other than that it's a card featuring Brandon Vera, Matt Hamill, and Gray Maynard. If they add Reese Andy to the card, I'm starting one of those online petition that never achieves anything.

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Anonymous said...

I hate February