Saturday, January 31, 2009

UFC 94 Live Results

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-For anyone who doesn't know the drill. I'll post quick results for all the preliminary fights other than Fitch/Gono and Tavares/Gamburyan. Those two bouts will get Full Play-by-Play treatment like the PPV Card, which kicks off at 10pm ET.

Preliminary Card
Dan Cramer vs Matt Arroyo
-Cramer Wins by Split Decision
Jake O'Brien vs Christian Wellisch
-O'Brien Wins by Split Decision
John Howard vs Chris Wilson
-Howard Wins by Split Decision

-These first three preliminary fights are taking forever. PPVs are weird in that patterns develop in regards to finishes. This seems to be the "Decision PPV".

Thiago Tavares vs Manny Gamburyan

Round 1
Tavares gets a takedown. He's going nuts on top with punches and hammerfists. Gamburyan doing a decent job of avoiding direct hits. He moves to his side and goes for a kimura. Tavares almost got caught. He counters the kimura with a nice move and is back in Gamburyan's guard. Gamburyan manages to escape with a cool judo throw, although Tavares is still on him as they're pressed against the fence. A nice left hand connects for Tavares and he slams Gamburyan down. On top he's landing punches and elbows. Gamburyan doing his best to stay active from the bottom with strikes. RNN Scores it 10-9 Tavares.

Round 2
Gamburyan comes forward and lands a punch and a leg kick. Gamburyan is very wild with big rights that aren't landing. Tavares goes for a takedown and presses Gamburyan into the cage. A nice reverse lands Gamburyan on top. Tavares is holding him tight, not letting him do much. He lands a couple elbows before the referee stands them up. Leg kick lands for Gamburyan after the restart. Tavares throwing, but mostly missing. Tavares shoots and round ends with Gamburyan pressed against the cage. RNN Scores it 10-9 Gamburyan.

-This fight will be a nightmare to score, if it goes the distance. I'm kinda hoping it does, so we can see how the judges screw it up.

Round 3
Both fighters miss on takedown attempts. Tavares lands some rights. He's controlling things early on. Gamburyan might be tiring out. Okay, maybe not. Manny comes back with leg kicks and a right hand that finds its mark. Tavares regains control, though. Gamburyan eats a right hand and a knee while going for a takedown. Gamburyan wrestles Tavares into the cage, but can't take him down. Round ends without much more happening. RNN Scores it 10-9 Tavares

Tavares Wins by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

-This event will forever be known as UFC 94 "Ultimate Decision". With Guida, Karo, and Machida all still to come, it's not out of the question to say this PPV might not end until Tuesday afternoon.

Jon Fitch vs Akihiro Gono
-Gono's entrance was classic. It might have trumped Sakuraba's. He was dressed like a chick, had dancers (in drag) with him, and so far this has been the highlight of a slow event.

Round 1
Fitch goes for an early takedown, but can't finish it. They're wrestling against the fence for position. Fitch lands a knee. Gono lands a couple leg kicks. Fitch doing a little clinch work. Gono lands a right. Fitch scores a takedown. He moves to Gono's back. Rear naked choke doesn't really go anywhere. Fitch lands punches from the back. Gono lifts himself back up with Fitch still on his back. RNN Scores it 10-9 Fitch

Round 2
Gono eats some leg kicks on his way to pushing Fitch into the cage. Gono doing a little inside work with shots to the body. Fitch gets a takedown with a trip. He's inside Gono's guard. Not much from the top of note. He's throwing light stuff. A warning from the referee gets Fitch to throw more. Fitch transitions to Gono's back and has a body triangle. He's landing punches from behind. Fitch goes for a rear naked choke that is defended by Gono. He moves to an arm bar that could have ended it, but the round ended. RNN scores it 10-9 Fitch

Round 3
Gono looks like he's about ready to die. He's breathing heavy. Fitch comes out with purpose with some kicks and clinch work. He gets Gono down and is in side control. He's pounding him with strikes. This thing might be over. Fitch stands up and Gono gets back up. A clinch and back to ground. Fitch has his back. Gono breaks out and now has top position. I don't think he has the gas to do much from here. Fitch gets back up. Gono misses with a Superman punch. Kicks also not finding their mark. Fitch takes him down. RNN Scores it 10-9 Fitch

Jon Fitch Wins by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)

-PPV begins with a black screen and "In Memory of Helio Gracie 1913-2009".

-Mike Goldberg looks like he's 30 years old. I just looked it up and he's 44. I bet he does pilates or something to stay so young.

Clay Guida vs Nate Diaz
-"I know he was a carpenter, but he should really be Clay "The Energizer" Guida." - Goldberg doing his best Tito Ortiz impression.
-Guida comes out to "My Hero".
-Cool moment prior with Jason Guida slapping Clay in the face to get him psyched. Fans are loving this.
-Everytime I see a Diaz brother fight, I wonder the same thing, "Is Stockton, California really as bad as the announcers always say?" It can't be. I'm gonna go undercover and crack this case.

Round 1
No touch of the gloves. Diaz pawing him with slow punches in classic Diaz fashion. Leg kick for Guida. Diaz is very active. Throwing punches from all angles. A right lands for Diaz. Guida grabs a leg and uncorns a short right hook that lands. Leg kick by Guida. Diaz shoots and pulls guard. Guida in half-guard. Fans chanting "GUIDA!". Guida climbs onto Diaz's back. Guida pushes him down into the mat and has a full nelson. Diaz scrambles and eats a couple elbows to the side of the head. Guida picks him up and throws Diaz down hard. Guida keeps moving and getting his back. He's mostly holding on, but he's winning so far. Diaz breaks free at the end and lands some punches and kicks. RNN Scores it 10-9 Guida

Round 2
Diaz hip throws Guida down, but he gets up quickly. Diaz presses Guida into the cage. He's throwing light knees to the body. Both fighters looking for trips. Guida is relentless. He keeps grabbing Diaz and refuses to let go. Diaz has an arm and is looking for a kimura. Guida defends it well. Guida still holding him from the side and behind. He's throwing knees every now and again. It's mostly a wrestling match. Diaz executes a perfect trip and throw. Guida still manages to hold onto him as they both fall. They're back up and Guida still is holding his back. Another throw by Diaz, but Guida again keeps hold of him as they fall. Guida now in his full guard. Diaz goes for a triangle, but with only ten seconds left he never gets it fully hooked. RNN Scores it 10-9 Guida, but really it could have gone either way.

Round 3
Leg kick by Guida. Another lands. Diaz still throwing light probing punches. Diaz lands two solid punches. I don't think they hurt Guida at all, but they looked nice. Diaz is picking him apart. Still light punches mostly, but he also threw in a couple body shots that made some noise. Guida grabs a hold of him and is looking for a takedown. Guida is gasping for air. Guida transitions to his back and briefly has hooks in. Fans chanting "GUIDA!" again. Guida gets him down and is in top position. He shifts to the back again. A scramble ends the fight after Guida jumps over his back and the referee breaks it up before Diaz could throw any punches from the top. RNN Scores it 10-9 Diaz

Clay Guida Wins by Split Decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

-Guida didn't look great. The 1st rd was mostly his. The 2nd was a toss-up. The 3rd was definitely in Diaz's column. The problem for Diaz was he didn't open up and throw until the last round. He needed something to offset Guida's wrestling control. I think early on he thought he'd eventually get a submission, so he wasn't worried about scoring points. That's a tough way to fight against someone like Guida.

Karo Parisyan vs Dong Hyun Kim
-"At the end of the fight, I want his face to look like a beaten up meat." - Karo
-Karo comes to the cage wearing red Adidas pants like Ben Stiller in Royal Tenenbaums.
-He looks calm and isn't shaking like Michael J. Fox...yet.

Round 1
An overhand right backs Kim into the cage. Kim fights back and takes Karo down. Kim quickly moves to his back. Karo is standing now with Kim still on his back. He tries to roll onto the mat, but Kim won't let go. Kim throwing punches to side of the head. Karo standing again. He falls down and scrambles to top position. Kim lands a very nice triangle for a couple seconds. Karo pulls his head out. Back to their feet. Kim reverses a takedown attempt by Karo and has his back again. They're facing each other and wrestling near the cage. Kim landing knees to the body. RNN Scores it 10-9 Kim

Round 2
Karo comes forward with a right-left combo. Fight goes to the mat after a half-throw by Karo that was mostly defended by Kim. Karo working for a kimura. Some excellent back and forth technique on the ground. Back to their feet and Kim lands a forearm to the head. Karo ties him up and connects on a perfect judo throw. He's into side control with Kim pressed against the cage. Karo has double underhooks sorta from the side of Kim. Hard to explain. Kim breaks free and presses Karo into the cage. Referee stops things for a second to let Karo get his mouthpiece back in. This is the second time it felt out. Next time will cost him a point. Fight resumes with some punches lightly landing for both. Karo pushes forward in a southpaw stance and connects with a good right. RNN Scores it 10-9 Karo

Round 3
Tie-up and Karo pushes him into the cage. Kim locks his arms around Karo and forces him down. Karo goes for a triangle and once it broke he pushed up with his foot and hit Kim in the face. Referee stopped things for ten seconds to warn Karo about kicking at a downed opponent (Kim was kneeling). Back to fighting and more wrestling near the cage. Kim lands a short left. Kim lands a knee to the body. Karo takes Kim down for a second. It wasn't a true takedown. Kim got right back up. Both fighters land punches as the round ends. RNN Scores it 10-9 Kim

Karo Parisyan Wins by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

-Wow! What a gift Karo got. Kim got screwed. I'm not gonna complain too much because this makes me 4-0. I picked a fighter with panic attacks and won. That feels good.

-Chuck Liddell had a really awkward minute long stay on camera. He kept holding his fist up, but then it went on entirely too long and you could see from the expression on his face he was thinking, "Man, I've had my fist up for like a minute straight."

Stephan Bonnar vs Jon Jones
-Bonnar enters to his usual "Eminence Front" by The Who.
-This one has to break the 7 fight decision streak. It's gotta. One of these guys is getting knocked out.

Round 1
Jones landing some interesting kicks to the body. He presses Bonnar into the cage and lands two solid knees. An excellent takedown/throw by Jones. Bonnar gets up quickly. Another big throw from Jones. Bonnar up again. Bonnar now pushing Jones into the cage and throwing some light knees. Jones shifts and grabs Bonnar's back. An awesome belly to back suplex throws Bonnar to the ground. Jones lands a wicked spinning back elbow that connects with the side and back of Bonnar's head. Bonnar drops immediately. Joe Silva was seen in the shot making a "Holy Crap!" face. Jones on top, but can't finish him. Back to their feet. Jones lands a knee to the head from a tie-up. Round ends with a takedown by Jones. RNN Scores it 10-8 Jones

Round 2
Bonnar lands a body kick. Jones responds with a side kick to the body. A leg trip by Jones and he grabs Bonnar's back. A scramble breaks the tie-up. Jones takes him down after eating a body kick. Jones working from the side, still in half-guard. Bonnar elevates his hips and gets back to his feet. Nifty little move. A body kick lands for Jones as an overhand right lands for Bonnar. Bonnar connects with a couple uppercuts. Bonnar working in close with elbows and forearms. Bonnar comes forward into a tie-up and Jones collapses his back and takes Bonnar down...somehow. I don't even know how to describe it. It was cool, though. RNN Scores it 10-9 Jones

Round 3
Bonnar ties him up briefly. Bonnar lands some nice inside shots, including an uppercut that popped Jones pretty good. A right hand lands for Bonnar. Jones responds with a knee to the head. Every time Bonnar goes inside he's landing uppercuts. The problem is he keeps getting tied up and taken down. And they tie up and Jones takes him down. Bonnar throwing elbows and punches from the bottom. Bonnar gets a triangle briefly until Jones pops his head out. Bonnar back to his feet. Bonnar lands a left. Jones is basically running away. That might hurt him. Judges do not like that sort of thing. Round ends with not much happening because Jones kept moving away. Another decision!!! RNN Scores it 10-9 Bonnar

Jon Jones Wins by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

-That was impressive. Jones must have taken him down about a dozen times and each one was cool to see. The 2nd round "back collapse" takedown was a thing of beauty. Bonnar actually rebounded well in the final two rounds. For some reason, he kept going in for tie-ups, though. He literally initiated most of them and 50% of the time it ended with a takedown by Jones. He probably would have won, if he kept his distance. Oh, well, I guess I can't hit every fight I pick. I'll use this as a lesson...never pick a fighter over 30 who is coming off knee surgery.

Thiago Silva vs Lyoto Machida
-Silva hopping to the cage. He looks intense.
-"I don't know what this song is, but it's cool." - Rogan in reference to Silva's Brazilian rap entrance music (I agree)
-Machida looks like he just stepped out of a refrigerator. I'm not sure why he was wearing his karate gi in there, but he was. Strange guy.

Round 1
Silva moving forward. Machida comes in first and partially connects with a punch. Machida lands a nice leg kick. A quick tie-up ends after Silva takes a knee to the balls. Referee stops things for a minute. Silva comes out with a body kick. Machida takes him down with a sweep. Back up. Machida lands a knee to the body and strike to the head that drops Silva. Machida on top in Silva's guard. Machida stands and kicks at Silva's leg. He falls back on top into Silva's guard. Machida lets him up. A right drops Silva. Machida into side control. He moves to mount for a second before working towards Silva's back. Silva up and now wrestles Machida into the cage. Machida trips Silva to the ground, dives into his guard, and connects with a right then a quick left that knocks Silva out. 1 second left in the round...Fight over. The referee didn't even realize it happened. It took him a few seconds to realize Silva had been hit twice and was out cold. Great finish.

Lyoto Machida Wins by 1st Round KO

-"People do I deserve the title shot? (YEAHHHH!)" - Machida

-Okay, Machida is no longer overrated in my mind. He took Silva apart and that finish was awesome. To be able to connect on a series of moves like that (trip-right-left) amazes the hell out of me.

BJ Penn vs Georges St-Pierre (Welterweight Title)
-Penn coming out to come Hawaiian dude moaning something I can't understand. Fans are going crazy. It's like a Bon Jovi concert in the 80s. I swear.
-Huge ovation when the lights go out prior to St-Pierre's entrance.
-Rogan and Goldberg are giddy.
-Penn looks calm. GSP looks pissed.
-Very interesting listening to the fans because neither side can get an advantage. For both you hear mostly cheers, but also some boos.
-Awesome staredown. They both looked like they were gonna kill each other.

Round 1
Tie-up, both throwing knees. Neither getting a clear advantage yet. GSP grabs a leg. Penn hops around and won't go down. Penn throwing some inside punches without much behind them. More hopping. He won't let go of the leg, but he can't get him down. He gives up and we're back to striking. GSP almost tags him with a right. That was close. It partially connected. Another tie-up and GSP presses him into the cage. Another single-leg attempt and more unreal hopping and balance by Penn. GSP gives up on it again. Penn lands a couple light jabs. A right lands for GSP and a jab. Penn having trouble landing strikes so far. Leg kick by GSP. RNN Scores it 10-10.

-I scored it even because GSP couldn't take him down. I'm shocked to be honest. Neither did much striking.

Round 2
A diving jab lands for Penn. Another jab. A nice left lands for Penn. GSP wrestles him into the cage. GSP whips him down and is on top. Not a big takedown, but he did get him down. Penn moving his legs way up high. GSP connects with some strikes and passes into side control. He's landing right hands from in close. A knee to the body by GSP. A huge right hand by GSP, but Penn managed to get back into full guard. Nice movement on the ground by Penn. He's blocking a lot of the shots. GSP passes into side control. Penn gets right back into guard. Elbows from the top partially landing for GSP. RNN Scores it 10-9 St-Pierre

-Penn looking tired in the corner.

Round 3
A nice short Superman punch by GSP. A jab lands for GSP. GSP works for a takedown and after a stall gets it. He's in half-guard. Penn gets back to full-guard. Moving his legs up high again while still connected. GSP landing hammerfists, but it gives Penn an opening to get back to his feet. GSP pushes him into the cage and takes him down. They're in very close to the cage. An elbow lands for GSP. He's working the body a little. RNN Scores it 10-9 St-Pierre

-Doctor looking at Penn in the corner. He's fine, I think.

Round 4
A jab by GSP. Penn misses a lazy jab and GSP takes him down. Passes to side control. Elbows to the side of the head. Referee warns GSP about strikes to the back of the head, twice. A third warning about strikes to the back of the head. Knee to the body by GSP. Hammerfists by GSP and right hands. This one is getting close to being stopped. I don't think Penn is in trouble, but he can't get out from under GSP. A nice short elbow by GSP. He's turning it up and trying to get a stoppage. RNN Scores it 10-9 GSP

Georges St-Pierre Wins by 4th Round TKO (Doctor Stoppage)

-I have no idea how Penn is still going. Doctor looking at him again.

-Fight is over. It's been stopped. Penn's corner told the doctor to stop it. He was walking away and Penn's brother got his attention and motioned to the doctor to stop it.

-Thiago Alves in the cage. Looks like he has the next shot at GSP. Not a cool staredown or anything. Alves basically said, "You're great. I wanna fight you."


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I'm happy Cramer won. Arroyo is cocky. He acted like he was the best on TUF.

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Gono's entrance was legendary.

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was that fitch fight that bad of an ass beating?

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96Justin said...

Love reading your round by round reviews, spot on as always!

Lyoto looked excellent, I cant see this guy losing to anyone besides possibly Anderson Silva

He was anything but boring in this fight!

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Thanks for the live write-up! I wasn't able to be here to watch live, but dyin' the whole night!

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Great coverage, thanks

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GSP totally dominated just as I knew he would. He could beat Penn any time any where.

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Wow!!! i knew Lyoto would win! thx for the blog, i was dying out here to get the results!

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bonnar blows

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Did anyone figure out the song that Thiago Silva used as his entrance?

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i can't believe you didn't mention anything about the seven shirts Guida wore into the ring... what was up with that???