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UFC 93 Live Results

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UFC 93 Preview and Predictions
"Now It's War."
TUF 9 Is A Mess
Best of MMA 2008

Preliminary Card
Siver def. Mohr (3rd Rd TKO)
Drwal def. Serati (1st Rd TKO)
Schafer def. Mendes (1st Rd TKO)
Kampmann def. Barros (2nd Rd TKO)
Hathaway def. Egan (1st Rd TKO)

-Preliminary Card is over. has a game going on called Streak for the Cash. People pick games and if you get like a million in a row correct, you win a million dollars. Anyway, they have the Franklin/Henderson fight as a choice today and so far 62.5% of the picks have been for Franklin.

-Rogan and Goldberg doing their introductions.

-"There was no doubt who Davis wanted to fight next...Chris "Lights Out" Lytle." - Goldberg. Um, actually there was.

Marcus Davis vs Chris Lytle
-Davis comes out to "Jump Around" and the fans are eating it up. They're literally dancing.
-Huge ovation for Davis as he enters the cage.
-Lytle almost has as many losses (16) as Davis has wins (20).

Round 1
Fans chanting as round begins. A big right lands for Lytle and Davis staggers into the cage. Lytle doesn't go in for the kill. Davis recovers. A nice uppercut/left hook combo by Davis. Body kick by Davis. A left catches Lytle as he comes in. Lytle is swinging very hard, but missing. Fans still chanting. Great crowd. A left connects for Lytle. Davis has a small cut under his eye. Nothing major yet. Lytle lands a solid body kick. It looked like it hurt Davis slightly. Lytle 10-9

-"Yer winnin' evry exchange!" - DellaGrotte

Round 2
Lytle comes out swinging. He has Davis backed up into the cage and is landing heavy shots. Davis is in trouble. He's defending now. Davis runs away from trouble then drops Lytle with a body kick and grazing punch. He lets Lytle get up rather than follow him to the ground. Davis charges in with a clinch and good knee to the head/chest. DellaGrotte yelling all kinds of stuff. A right lands for Lytle. Another right for Lytle and Davis counters it with a punch of his own. Left lands for Davis followed by a high knee. Lytle backs him up into the cage and works the body. A jab/elbow combo by Davis. Davis 10-9

-Very close fight.

-"Beat him to the punch and don't wait around for the return." - DellaGrotte

-"Be very careful! This guy is dangerous!" - DellaGrotte

Round 3
Body kick by Davis. If he ends up winning a decision, the body kick will probably be the thing that did it for him. Lytle's side is very red. It's all bruised and raw. Another body kick for Davis. Goldberg predicts a knee to the head by Davis and it actually happens! Impressive! Too bad it missed. Davis is countering everything this round. Lytle's eye is swollen. Lytle backs Davis into the cage and lands some body punches. Davis has a lump under his eye. Lytle is keeping his right hand low thanks to all the body kicks. Lytle turning it up near the end. Davis lands another knee. Davis 10-9.

Marcus Davis Wins by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

-Well, it was entertaining. Not Fight of the Year quality at all. Lytle came closest to finishing it, but overall he lost the fight.

-Davis better get a top Welterweight next. The guy deserves a shot. It's as simple as that.

Denis Kang vs Alan Belcher
-Goldberg very impressed with Belcher's Johnny Cash tattoo. Rogan likes it too.
-"Take away the Jason Day loss and Belcher would be on about a two year winning streak." - Goldberg
---Goldberg making his case for Dumbest Announcer of 2009.
-"The Talent" should have made my list of the Worst Fighter Nicknames.

Round 1
Belcher has his hands low. Kang attacking early. A right then a left lands. Kang gets a textbook takedown. Makes a pass to half-guard. Kang into side control, but Belcher gets back to full guard. He pushes Kang off with his legs and they're back to their feet. Nice job by Belcher to get Kang off him. Kang has Belcher down again. He caught a kick and turned it into a takedown. Full guard by Belcher. Kang shifts to side control. Kang working on a kimura. Can't quite get it set. Kang 10-9

Round 2
Belcher lands a solid body kick. Kang lands a right-left combo. He shoots and has Belcher down again. Kang throwing some punches from the top, but basically just looking for position and submission attempts. Nothing happening. Kang's leg is stuck in between Belcher' legs. Kang stands and shoots back down looking to pass. Referee stands them up. Kang dancing around doing nothing. Kang shoots for another takedown, but Belcher sprawls and hooks in a guillotine. Kang taps almost immediately.

Alan Belcher Wins by 2nd Rd Submission (Guillotine)

-Kang choked. He was seconds away from being up 2 rounds. And down goes another Pride fighter in the Octagon.

-"I'm the top dog around here." - Belcher

-He tried to make the case he was ready for a title shot, but midway through the sentence he realized how ridiculous it was.

Rousimar Palhares vs Jeremy Horn
-Palhares appears to be crying as he walks to the cage. Rogan and Goldberg didn't make a big deal about it. All Rogan said was, "He's an emotional fighter." I guess it's common for Palhares to start crying. He's like the drunk fat girl of the UFC.
-Horn sporting a Tim Sylvialike physique.

Round 1
Palhares grabs Horn and falls on top of him. Palhares is jacked. His legs are ripped. He's on Horn's back and throwing hammerfists to the side of the head. Palhares shifts into side control. He's raining down punches. I'm glad to see he's throwing and not just looking for submissions. Horn is doing a good job of surviving. He's moving quite a bit and now is back to his feet. Palhares throws him back down and in half-guard. Horn tries to get out, but Palhares does a wicked spin move and is now on his back throwing more hammerfists. Round ends with more hammers to Horn's head. Palhares 10-9 maybe even 10-8.

Round 2
A leg kick lands for Horn. Palhares replies with a combination then a big takedown slam. He's in Horn's half-guard. Palhares grabs the cage for a second time and the referee warns him. Next one should be a point. He's on Horn's back again. More punches to the sides of the head. Horn counters and ends up in a full mount! He's going for an arm triangle. Palhares seems tired. Triangle isn't deep enough. Horn loses the mount and they're back on their feet. Solid jab by Palhares. A right hand lands for Horn. Horn goes for a kick, but Palhares ducks it and takes him down. That was close. Horn goes for a triangle. Round over. Horn 10-9

Round 3
Fans are silent. Palhares eats a mushroom, turns into Rick Steiner, then belly-to-back suplexes Horn to the mat. Palhares in full-guard kinda just holding on. I think he's out of gas. Palhares on Horn's back again. He's throwing punches, but they're light. Horn joking around with Rogan and Goldberg while Palhares throws more light punches. Referee stands them up. Horn throws a head kick that comes extremely close to connecting. Palhares 10-9

Rousimar Palhares Wins by Unanimous Decision (30-27 on all three)

-Apparently Palhares injured his hand in the 1st Round. Probably broken.

-I told you this was a dangerous fight. Horn made things interesting. Palhares still has a lot to learn. He should watch Demian Maia's fights, especially how he throws strikes on the ground. That's the big thing missing from his game.

-They're showing the Hathaway/Egan fight from the Preliminary Card.

-It looks like the UFC had a difficult time selling ads for this PPV. has the center space. There's a "Max Payne on DVD" ad on the edge. Those aren't exactly Apple and McDonald's.

Mark Coleman vs Mauricio Rua
-Okay, time for Phil Baroni to start a brawl.
-Wanderlei Silva isn't in Shogun's corner. He's probably busy planting a garden or having a picnic.
-Fans give Shogun some love as he steps into the cage.
-Coleman enters to "Back in Black". Baroni is strutting behind him.
-If you shaved Sylvester Stallone's head, he'd look exactly like Mark Coleman. They have the same dopey look and old man muscles.

Round 1
They shake hands during the staredown. Shogun didn't even look at him. A leg kick by Rua. Coleman rams ahead and has Rua down. He lands a big punch. Rua rolls out of trouble. Back on their feet. A right hand for Rua. He goes for a clinch, but Coleman takes him down. Triangle attempt by Rua doesn't work. Rua going for legs and puts Coleman onto his back. He passes to side control. A knee to the side by Rua. A very nice kick to the side by Rua. Leg kick by Rua. Coleman lands a left. A left hand lands for Rua. A knee glances Coleman's chin. A right hand drops Coleman. Rua can't finish it. Back to his feet. Rua lands a jab. A knee from the clinch. Coleman wandering around looking for his corner. He looks dead tired. Rua 10-9

-Baroni is very inspirational in the corner. Coleman still looks dead.

Round 2
Two straight leg kicks stagger Coleman. He responds with a jab and gets a big takedown. Where did that come from? Rua gets up without taking any damage. Rua clinches and lands a leg kick and an elbow. A left-right combo staggers Coleman back into the cage. His hands are really low. We might see a big knockout soon. Another clinch and Coleman eats some knees to the head. A series of punches land for Rua. Coleman gets another takedown. Rua seems tired too. Rua working for an omoplata shoulder lock. Coleman just laying there like a sea shell. He might be dead. Rua 10-9

Round 3
Clinch and a knee lands for Rua. Coleman slowly goes a takedown. He's moving like a drunk grizzly bear. He's on top throwing some light body punches. Rua keeps sorta falling down. These aren't violent takedowns. Coleman throwing more punches, nothing landing solid. Rua going for a leg. Coleman defends it and is behind Rua throwing punches. Rua gets back to his feet and throws a knee to the chest. The referee warns Rua, despite the fact it was a legal strike. After the restart Rua lands a series of rights and lefts. He finishes it with a big uppercut that sends Coleman tumbling to the mat. Rua on the attack and referee stops it.

Mauricio Rua Wins by 3rd Rd TKO

-That was a mess, but sort of entertaining. Coleman was tired two minutes into the fight. Rua tired badly in the second half of the fight. The first two thirds of the 3rd Round, he was on the mat gasping for air. Somehow, Coleman was even more tired.

-After the fight Coleman lobbies for a third fight. His face is badly bruised and he can hardly talk in anything but mumbles. It looks like they just dug him up out of the ground then hit him over the head with shovels for fifteen minutes. You gotta give him credit for not folding. Rua had him hurt in the 1st Round and Coleman came back. If it went to a decision, it would not have shocked me if Coleman won on at least one scorecard.

Rich Franklin vs Dan Henderson
-Henderson has the ugliest ears in the business.
-Yet another AC/DC entrance song, as Franklin comes out to "For Those About to Rock".
-Dan Miragliotta is the referee. No way he gets through a main event without messing something up.

Round 1
Kick lands for Franklin. Henderson freaks out and lands a big punch. He follows it up with a head kick, but slips. Henderson wins the scramble and is on top in half-guard. Right hands from the top and some elbows by Henderson. He's got Franklin rattled. This is some serious pressure from the top. A knee to the body by Henderson. A knee to the hip by Henderson. Franklin gets out and back to his feet. A good kick by Henderson. Franklin lands a kick to the ribs. Henderson lands a right. Another kick to the body/arm by Franklin. A right followed by a heavy left rocks Henderson's head back. Henderson responds with a right. Franklin is bleeding, apparently from an accidental headbutt. Two cuts along the hairline. Henderson 10-9

Round 2
Henderson lands a couple kicks. A good knee and right hand by Franklin. Henderson barely misses a big right. Solid jab by Franklin. Right body kick lands for Franklin. Henderson wrestles him into the cage and down to the mat. Not a big takedown. Franklin moving around on the bottom looking for different submissions. Henderson defending everything. Blood is flowing from the cuts on Franklin's upper forehead. Some elbows from the top rain down on Franklin. Henderson begins roughing him up at the end of the round. Franklin 10-9

-Tough round to call. Depends on how the judges view Franklin's early striking against Henderson's work on top. I think Franklin deserved to win it, though.

Round 3
A left lands for Franklin. Henderson glances him with a right. A takedown by Henderson. Franklin is pressed against the cage. Franklin rolls and is on his feet. Henderson still on his knees. Franklin lands a couple strikes before Henderson gets back up. Wrestling against the cage now. Henderson seems a little tired. Franklin is throwing with most missing. Franklin pushes Henderson into the cage. Knee to the body by Franklin. A straight left lands for Franklin. A right body kick lands. Henderson slips and avoids any strikes while down. Franklin gets poked in the eye. He goes down and it looks bad. Henderson was trying to block a punch and Franklin's head moved right into his hand. Dan Miragliotta giving Franklin a tough time about how much time he has to recover. He asked someone at ringside about how much time to give him and apparently you only get two minutes to recover. You get five if you're hit in the balls. Round restarts, but nothing much happens. Franklin 10-9

Dan Henderson Wins by Split Decision (29-28, 27-30, 29-28)

-I think Franklin won that fight. I don't think he won it 30-27 like the one judge gave it to him. That's nuts. Tough loss for Franklin.

-I got really excited when Miragliotta wouldn't give Franklin time to recover. I knew something had to happen where he'd make a strange decision. I feel like in that situation the referee needs to bend the rules and give the fighter all the time he needs within reason. Miragliotta was badgering Franklin when he was obviously still in pain.

-No interview with Franklin after the fight. He was pissed when they read the last scorecard.


Anonymous said...

Good job. Hilarious.

thedee said...

The Coleman jokes were relentless. I'm watching the replay tonight to see it firsthand.

lionit said...

Rua needs a cardio trainer or a time machine.

Blackhawk said...

I really like both Franklin and Henderson. Truly I would have been happy with who ever won and I almost didn't watch the fight because I didn't want to see either one get beat...but I watched anyway.

Personally I gave round 2 to you said it was really close. Neither one should have had a 30-27 on the scorecard.

Just glad the eye poke came so late in the fight and it didn't effect the fight.