Wednesday, January 7, 2009

TUF 9 Is A Mess

Rich Franklin is waging one of the best public wars with the UFC I have ever seen. Every time he answers a question about possibly coaching The Ultimate Fighter 9, he manages to insult the show, the UFC, but also come off looking like a company guy. His latest punch is more of a hook than the usual jab, as he goes into detail about his reasons for not wanting the coaching job (pay sucks, Vegas sucks).
"I have not personally spoken to Dana, the UFC or any of the production people about the show," Franklin said. "Six weeks in Vegas, I've gotten to the point where I could care less for staying in Vegas for that period of time. It's time away from my family and time away from doing the things I can do to make money. The show doesn't pay very well...But anything the UFC asks me to do, I'm always on board for. I guess they would more than likely -- whoever, between Dan and I wins -- they'd do that fight at 185 pounds," Franklin said. "How that makes sense to me I'm not sure, but I take it one fight at a time. So if the UFC comes to me and says, 'We're doing the Bisping fight at 185 pounds,' then it is what it is."
With last month's Light Heavyweight Title bout between two former Ultimate Fighter winners, the popularity of the show should be soaring. Instead most fans could care less about it. The proposed US vs UK format has done nothing to change those feelings, either. Forcing a fake rivalry down viewers throats isn't going to improve the ratings. It's not the 1700s any more.

Another thing that isn't going to help ratings is setting up a fight between the coaches that makes little sense. Rich Franklin has all but given up on the Middleweight division. If he can defeat Dan Henderson, it should put him near the top of the line for a shot at the Light Heavyweight title in the latter half of 2009 (with another win over a top foe, of course). Spending months in TUF Purgatory to face Bisping at Middleweight seems a strange way to reward a guy who remains one of the most popular fighters in the sport.


Anonymous said...

I like Rich but the kid's a fucking idiot! I Haven't spent the last 8 years building this sport from the ground up, just to have some asshole fuck it all up! p.s. Fedor fuckin' sucks!!

UFC President,

Dana White

Emelianenko Fedor said...

Я убью Вас.

Anonymous said...


Landon Tucker said...

I believe Franklin to be the best in the sport. He may not be on top right now, but he continually is a very level-headed guy (when he's not being crushed by Anderson's knees), who not only is an exciting fighter, but also knows how to use his mouth for good.

He even went toe-to-toe with O'Reilly and defended the UFC. He's the man.