Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tito Is Not A Broadcaster

Tito stole the show. My first post after an excellent night of fights and it's about an announcer. He managed to make me think, "Well, at least Chuck Zito wasn't as bad as Tito." To me this is a historic moment in MMA. Tito hit .400 tonight. Someone seal these in a time capsule, so future generations can have a good laugh during times of tragedy.

-"He has devastating punches and it shows he can take a devastating punch" - Tito on Kiril.

-Tito is interviewing Babalu. This is hilarious. Tito said "awesome" about eight times within fifteen seconds. Babalu ends the interview by calling Tito out. The fans probably would have cheered, if they had any idea what he was saying.

-I think Tito just called Fedor "Femelianko Edor". Seriously.

-"You just beat the number two guy in the world, buddy!" - Tito to Belfort

-"I see him beating Anderson Silva. I see him picking him apart. Him at a 131 years old...(trails off)." - Tito on Belfort

-"Here we go! Here we go! We got Josh Barnett with a dominant fashion!" - Tito's introduction to his post-fight interview with Josh Barnett

-"This is the fight of the night right here." - Prior to Fedor/Arlovski, Tito states the obvious.

-"Let me tell you how you feelin' right now." - Tito to Fedor

-"The pound for pound best heavyweight in the world...Congratulations, buddy!" - Tito to Fedor

-"That last knockout finished the night and gave everybody a little early Fourth of July." - Tito sums up the evening.


Anonymous said...

I remember him saying the 131 years old and I was like, WTF???

malman said...

He butchered a line everytime he talked.

Anonymous said...

These are to funny to be true.

Anonymous said...

Cheeto did good. Are you not entertained?

Anonymous said...

In addition to these, there were a lot of times when he would just try to say a word in the middle of a sentence, and it would come out sounding like "flabble" or "crumfltz". The guy id fighting a losing battle against his own mouth.

essential said...

I never realized how big, physically, Tito's head really is. That thing looks like one of those anime characters with the really small body and disproportional head.

How could you not have an egotistical personallity when your head is quite literally HUGE?

Anyways, thanks for the Comedic Gold, Tito. Maybe next time they'll let JJ "work a couple" out of him and make him take a few bong-rips so he'll actually calm down and speak words that haven't been invented in the last 30 seconds.

Other than that he was fine.

speedemon86 said...

"If you were a bird, this is what you would be seeing"