Sunday, January 25, 2009

Shut Up Larry Merchant

"A celebrity who is here in bronze only (De La Hoya has a bronze statue at Staples Center), Oscar De La Hoya, the live version, is in nearby Anaheim, where his company got a $5 million fee from a t-shirt maker so that he would be personally involved [in] the promotion of a Mixed Martial Arts show. It would take that much, Jim, to get me to go to one of those things."

It's time to roll over and die, Larry. The times have passed you and boxing by. You stopped being a reporter years ago and are now a guy fans wait to laugh at each time you open your mouth. I once said it would be funny to have you on an MMA card. I take it back. We have Tito now.

And maybe the reason De La Hoya attended and stayed at "Day of Reckoning" was his son asked him to. You see, that's the difference between boxing and MMA. People under the age of 131 actually care about it.


Anonymous said...

hes meaningless

Landon Tucker said...

Who's Larry Merchant?

Anonymous said...

Larry Merchant's an idiot

but I don't think MMA will completly take out boxing

Boxing still has a large Latin fan base that will keep it afloat