Thursday, January 8, 2009

Rampage Pleads Guilty

Rampage Jackson pleaded guilty today to a felony and a misdemeanor. That sounds bad, but in reality it probably means he will not see jail time. He has until January 7, 2010 to complete 200 hours of community service, pay restitution for the damages he caused, and continue meeting twice a month with mental health doctors. If he does all that, the felony charge will be dropped and he will never see the inside of a prison cell.

Boy oh boy, the District Attorney really hammered him, huh? If I was a resident of Orange County, CA I'd definitely vote for that guy. He's tough on crime, except when it involves a celebrity ramming his monster truck into a pregnant woman in broad day light.

If you would like to share your thoughts with the DA, here is an online contact form and the number to his office is 714-541-7600. For what it's worth, he looks like a politician from a Batman movie.


beggin said...

Batman politician...hahahaha

Anonymous said...

What a fuckin' prick! You little fuckin' rat! I bet if you met Rampage in person you'd be on his balls tighter than a pair of hanes! This site is full of more drama than a fuckin' episode of all my children!

UFC President

Dana White

Anonymous said...

Uh, the judge decides the final judgment, not the DA. For all we know the DA did ask for a harsher sentence, and the judge denied it.

Fast rob said...

200 hours of community service is going to be 25 days of Caltrans service. Which means the sentence was probably 25 days in jail or 25 days of caltrans his choice. If he went to jail he's be doing 1/10th time because it's so overcrowded. I've seen guys get locked up in OC for a 45 day sentence and get out within 3-5 days if it's for something minor especially since there's no priors. I'd much rather do 2-3 days in jail than do 25 days of caltrans. I've done it before and it SUCKS BALLS! And if you even mouth off to any of the caltrans supervisors they'll add days to your sentence or kick you out and send you to jail. They treat you like shit too. Rampage screwed up but c'mon everybody makes mistakes it's not like he has a long criminal history. Look at pacman jones he's caught so many cases for attempted murder and he never gets jail time.

Anonymous said...

Calm the fuck down Dana...people break the law they deserve to pay..just because he's a fighter he's absolved of all guilt. Get the fuck out of here

gary mashrin said...

Rampage accepted a deal, which would have been offered by the DA. All the judge did was ok the final workings of it.

I agree with the post. The DA chose to let it go without a fight.