Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Now It's War"

I haven't been all that excited about the rematch between Mark Coleman and Mauricio Rua, but seeing Phil Baroni in Ireland makes me think it might be entertaining. Do you really think Baroni will miss a chance to cash in on his camera time at a UFC PPV? He's gotta start a brawl somehow, right?

Actually, he was almost already in a fight with a drunk Irishman.

(For anyone wondering what the hell I'm talking about...Baroni was in Coleman's corner for the first fight and got into it with Wanderlei Silva. This was back when Wanderlei was scary and not Prozac Tony Soprano. Baroni might be just the guy to make the rematch interesting and wake Wanderlei from his daze.)

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Tristin441 said...

Baroni is a meathead. Your right about him doing something. I hope he doiesn't because I think brawls are bad for the sport.