Thursday, January 15, 2009

Koscheck Gets Extension

According to MMAMania, Josh Koscheck has signed a 20 month extension with the UFC. It will keep him under the Zuffa banner until "almost 2011". This signals the end of the Josh Koscheck Release Watch, which began in late November when Dana White went on the warpath and made it known he does not like fighters who are associated with AKA (American Kickboxing Academy). Jon Fitch took the brunt of it when he refused to sign a likeness agreement and was promptly released. He later agreed to sign the agreement and was reinstated as a UFC fighter.

Koscheck and fellow AKA fighter Cain Velasquez were widely assumed to be next on the chopping block, but were never released. Both kept their mouths shut and let Fitch take the heat. It was a wise move on their parts because saying the wrong thing probably would have been all it took to end their relationship with the UFC. The decapitation of Yoshiyuki Yoshida also helped Koscheck's case.


Anonymous said...

Isn'T Koscheck serving a suspension for roids? I think the UFC in walking down a fine line withits fighters. There are several who have been suspended for steroids. When will the UFC come to learn that steroids is not good for MMA. I like Koscheck but any roid fulled fighter is not good for the sport. Drop all roid fighters and bring on some fresh talent.

Anonymous said...

Hey Roid boy. Where is your source for this info on KOS and roids?