Thursday, January 8, 2009

Keith Jardine vs Luis Cane

All right, this one doesn't make any sense to me. Why would Keith Jardine turn down a main event rematch with Chuck Liddell to fight Luis Cane instead? Liddell is clearly on the downside of his career and Jardine already beat him. There is also the whole "Greg Jackson owns Liddell" thing. You would think Jardine would be more than happy to fight in a main event against an opponent like that.

Cane, on the other hand, has looked vicious in each of his fights and doesn't have anywhere near the name recognition of Liddell. Meaning, if Jardine beats Cane, he won't see a huge rise in his stock. A lot of fans will realize he beat an extremely tough opponent, but to the general public, he just beat some Brazilian dude they never heard of. It's almost a no-win situation for him.

I'd much rather have the chance to get a second win over Liddell and possibly end his career. Even a loss to Liddell wouldn't be the worst thing. Another win by Jardine after it and they could have a third fight, which would be another main event.

Fighters, if you're reading, I'll take a 5% cut to be your manager. I know everything and am always right. I also tan very easily and look great in suits. Deal?

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