Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day of Reckoning Live Results

Live Blog has started.

Preliminary Card
Cooper def Speight by 1st Rd TKO
Rios def Duarte by Unanimous Decision
Davis def Quach by Unanimous Decision

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira vs Vladamir Matyushenko
-They are moving things along rather quickly. Not much time at all between fights. At their first PPV they didn't even get to all the fights, so I guess tonight it is a priority to get through the entire card.
-Big Nog trailing Little Nog like a shadow. Actually, if Big Nog keeps getting his head knocked off, I might nickname him "Shadow Nog".
-I don't care what anyone says, having Bas Rutten in the booth is always a good thing. Hearing him say "Yuep" to everything Kenny Rice says never gets old. All right, it does by hour three.

Round 1
Nogueira dancing around while Matyushenko plods around. Bas Rutten clears his throat REALLY LOUD. A big right hand counter partially connects for Nogueira. Nogueira lands a decent jab. Inside leg kick for Nogueira. Fans still booing. Extremely slow round. Right lands for Nogueira. A knee by Nogueira connects with Matyushenko's head. Nothing major. Can I score that 7-7? I'm scoring it a 7-7 round because the most exciting thing that happened was when Bas cleared his throat into the microphone.

Round 2
Matyushenko connects with a right. Another connects. A big strike pushes Nogueira back. Matyushenko is crowding him. Some bodyshots land. Nogueira in retreat. He looks to be okay, but that got scary pretty quick. Rutten clears his throat, again. I love it. Matyushenko going for some leg kicks. Nogueira coming in now. Lands a left and a nice knee to the head. Chasing Matyushenko around the ring. He comes in and another knee to the head drops him. It's over. Nogueira Wins by 2nd Round TKO.

-Awful fight. Kind of an odd stoppage. Matyushenko fell after the second knee to the head then Nogueira sorta hovered over him until the referee stepped in.

-I think we're going to have dead time until 9pm ET when the PPV begins.

-Hieron/High fight might not happen because of time constraints.

-Tito screwing up all his lines. Seems nervous. His head is bobbing around like crazy and he's gripping the microphone like his life depends on it.

-Oh God. They've got Scott Ferrall and Chuck Zito backstage interviewing people. Does Affliction just look for ways to piss away money? It took Chuck thirty seconds to ask Freddie Roach, "What do you think about Arlovski's boxing?" I'm not even kidding.

-Odd opening. All the fighters are standing in a line on a stage in the dark. "Mother" is playing. And they are introducing each.

Jay Hieron vs Jason High
-Probably not happening because of time constraints.
-Actually ended up happening after the main event. Hieron Won by 1st Round KO.

-19 minutes in and still no fighting. The UFC pulls this crap too. They could have had the Heiron/High fight twice by now. It makes even less sense when you consider Hieron is on the damn event poster.

-Oscar De La Hoya shown seated with I guess his son or someone he kidnapped.

Dan Lauzon vs Bobby Green

Round 1
Green coming hard at Lauzon. He's jumping at him with flying knees. Lauzon misses a huge right. A kick lands low and Lauzon is bent over in pain. After landing he connects with a few punches before Herb Dean notices there's a fight going on and calls a timeout. The kick wasn't that low. It looked like it mostly hit his stomach. Maybe Lauzon tapes his balls to his stomach. Who knows? And we're back...Lauzon charges in then falls down backwards. Back to their feet and Green slams him with a belly to back. Lauzon goes for a triangle on the ground, but Green gets out of trouble. Green lets him up. More kicks and knees from Green. Another low blow. Herb Dean says he'll take a point away from Green for the next low blow. Nice of you to show up, Herb. Lauzon claims he was hit again with a low blow. The replay showed it was a belt shot towards the hip. Two points have been deducted! Very suspect low blow and double deduction. Green is hilarious. He just looked over the rope, saw De La Hoya and Donald Trump and said "Aw damn, Donald Trump and Oscar De La Hoya." They restart and Green is coming forward again. Lauzon sorta falls down and looks for a guillotine. Green gets out, but now Lauzon has a heel hook. Green gets out again. Lauzon pivots nicely to Green's back and sinks in a rear naked choke. Green taps with seconds left in the round. Lauzon Wins by 1st Round Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

-A lot of boos for Lauzon after the fight.

-That was such a weird fight. Lauzon had to be acting. It was smart move because Green was hurting him with strikes.

Paul Buentello vs Kiril Sidelnikov
-Kiril looks like he's either gonna kill someone or crap himself.

Round 1
Big John McCarthy is back in action. A nice leg kick by Kiril. An uppercut lands for Buentello. Kiril has him crowded into the corner and his landing short shots to head and body. Kiril throwing some violent looking combinations. Lots of punches from both. They're barely missing their mark. Swelling on left side of Kiril's face. Buentello lands a nice uppercut in close. Jab connects for Kiril. Buentello replies with a stiff jab of his own. Kiril now bleeding from the left side where the swelling was. Some solid knees land for Buentello to end the round. Buentello 10-9

Round 2
Wicked looking left-right combo lands for Buentello. Kiril connects with a left. The announcers are whacking it to everything Buentello does. You'd think he was Marvin Hagler with all the compliments they're dishing out. A right hand staggers Buentello for a second. Kiril closes in and throwing punches from every angle. Buentello grabs him before anymore damage can be done. A left lands for Buentello. A heavy left snaps Kiril's head back. That probably drops most fighters, but Kiril doesn't look hurt. Another left, not as heavy, but still solid. Kiril definitely has the Fedor Recovery Gene. Another left lands for Buentello. He was losing the round until this left hand barrage started. Buentello 10-9

Round 3
Jabs landing for Buentello. A solid uppercut lands for Buentello. I don't know how Kiril hasn't been at least staggered. Buentello keeping his distance and landing jabs whenever he wants. A leg kick clips Kiril and he goes down briefly. His mouthpiece falls out and Big John McCarthy calls a timeout. Fight resumes for a minute then mouthpiece comes out again. Doctor looks at Kiril and ends the fight. Kiril basically spit the mouthpiece out the second time. Buentello Wins by 3rd Round TKO (Doctor Stoppage)

-Kiril might want to concentrate on his cardio a little more. He stopped moving his head after the early moments and Buentello took over. When fighters get tired, that's the first thing to go. They start plodding instead of moving and it's a bad sign.

-Juanito Ibarra is alive! They just showed him taking care of Kiril's busted face after the fight. I guess he's one of the cut guys for all the fighters, or at least the ones who don't bring their own.

-"He has devastating punches and it shows he can take a devastating punch" - Tito on Kiril.

Renato Sobral vs Rameau Sokoudjou
-One thing I hate about the production is you can hardly hear the entrance songs. The sound isn't right. The arena sound is very low. Also doesn't help when the announcers never shut up for more than three seconds at a time. Three man announcing booths are tough to pull off. Too many voices vying for too little time.

Round 1
Two in a row for Big John. Leg kick lands for Sokoudjou. Babalu goes for a weak takedown attempt that goes nowhere. Babalu ties him up and falls backwards. They get back up quickly. Babalu is determined to get a takedown. He drives Sokoudjou into the ropes. Has him into the corner and pulls guard. Sokoudjou throwing from the top. A scramble and they're back up to their feet. Babalu has him pushed into the corner again. Babalu landing some knees to the body and legs. They were mostly light. I have no idea who won that round. I'm calling it a tie.

Round 2
A right uppercut by Sokoudjou. Babalu comes back with two lefts. Babalu takes him down and is on top throwing short rights. He's in half guard now. Nice elbows landing for Babalu. Fight stopped for a moment because they were in the ropes. It's restarted in the middle of the ring. Lots of positioning work by Babalu. He gets to the side and slips in an arm triangle. Sokoudjou taps. Babalu Wins by 2nd Round Submission (Arm Triangle Choke)

-I called that one exactly.

-Tito is interviewing Babalu. This is hilarious. Tito said "awesome" about eight times within fifteen seconds. Babalu ends the interview by calling Tito out. The fans probably would have cheered, if they had any idea what he was saying.

Matt Lindland vs Vitor Belfort
-I think Tito just called Fedor "Femelianko Edor". Seriously.

Round 1
Oh my God! Belfort just killed him with a left hand counter and some ground punches. The ground punches put him out for good. 37 seconds. Lindland is still out! He's probably dead. Doctors are trying to wake him up. He's awake now and attacking the people around him. They've calmed him down. The doctors are trying to get Lindland off the mat, but he's moving around like a medicated cow. They wrap him in a neck brace. Lindland looks better now. They take the brace off and Lindland gets up on his own. Belfort Wins by 1st Round TKO.

-"You just beat the number two guy in the world, buddy!" - Tito

-"I see him beating Anderson Silva. I see him picking him apart. Him at a 131 years old...(trails off)." - Tito

-The Tito comments have gone from hilarious to hysterical. He can't stop talking and everyone time he opens his mouth, something ridiculous comes out. I'm not making any of these up. I swear.

-I'm glad Vitor won, even though I picked against him. I can't stand Lindland. I'm sure Vitor will get killed in his next fight and break my heart yet again, but oh well.

Josh Barnett vs Gilbert Yvel
-Yvel dancing his way to the ring. I think I solved the entrance song sound problem. They have the crowd noise turned way up and it's drowning out the music. The fans are actually pretty tame tonight. Not a terrible crowd, but nothing special.

Round 1
A cool staredown. Neither one looked away at all. A leg kick momentarily staggers Barnett. A takedown by Barnett. He was held up for a second and Yvel was landing right hands. Barnett in half guard throwing lots of punches. Looking for a kimura. Yvel wiggles his arm out. Barnett working on the arm, but can't stretch it out. Now he's back to pounding him from the top. Barnett moves to the full mount and is raining down punches. Yvel gives up his back as more punches fall. Herb Dean is refusing to stop it. Elbows now. A wild scramble ends the round. Both back to their feet and Barnett lands a punch. Barnett 10-8

Round 2
Barnett gets him right back down. He's in side control. Barnett landed 60+ strikes in the 1st round. He's working for the kimura again. Barnett shoots up and has a full mount. Yvel trying to throw from the bottom. Barnett looks tired. Short elbow lands for Barnett. Looks like he regained some energy is starting to throw more from the top. Yvel keeps punching from the bottom. Barnett went for an arm bar and Yvel ended up on top. Yvel ends the round with a couple punches from the top that connect. Barnett 10-9

Round 3
A huge takedown for Barnett. He's got a full mount. Short elbows from Barnett. Lefts and rights starting to land from the top. It's like watching a fat kid beat up a skinny kid on the playground. Fans starting to boo. Barnett begins to crank it up. Lefts are getting in. Yvel turns over on side and Barnett landing more flush. Yvel taps from strikes. Barnett Wins by 3rd Round Submission (Strikes).

-By the way, between the 2nd and 3rd, Chuck Zito was backstage and described Vitor's initial knockdown of Lindland as a "flash knockdown". It was probably the exact opposite of that. Wasn't there a meeting where someone at Affliction said, "Hey, maybe having Chuck Zito interviewing people is a bad idea?"

-"Here we go! Here we go! We got Josh Barnett with a dominant fashion!" - Tito

-Barnett apologizes for performance after fight. Says, "I gotta step it up next time." Really no need to apologize. Yvel is just a tough dude who decided to take a beating.

-Barnett ends interview with Tito by listing a bunch of tragic events that have happened to the people around him recently. He's like Hurley.

Andrei Arlovski vs Fedor Emelianenko
-Lights out for Fedor's entrance. I'd tell you what scary Russian music was playing, but the crowd noise is turned up to 11.
-"This is the fight of the night right here." - Tito
-Big John working the ropes again. I'm really glad he's back. He's the only referee I sorta feel comfortable with in big fights.
-Fans giving Fedor a huge ovation.

Round 1
Arlovski starts with a leg kick then lands a right hand. It landed flush. Fedor shook it off. Another kick by Arlovski. A heavy exchange with both missing big shots. Fedor wrestles him into the ropes. Arlovski actually almost threw him down, but Fedor regained his balance and now has Arlovski pushed into the corner. Big John breaks them for inaction. Arlovski glances Fedor with a straight right. Three minutes in and Arlovski is winning the round. Another right lands for Arlovski. A straight kick to the body pushes Fedor into the corner. He goes for a flying knee but Fedor connects with a huge right hand that knocks Arlovski totally out. He's on his face out. Fedor Wins by 1st Round KO.

-Unbelievable end. Arlovski came in for a flying knee and his momentum carried him directly into Fedor's overhand right that hit directly on the chin. It was a perfect punch. A tenth of a millisecond later and it misses. I think he also sustained damage when his head hit the canvas. The odd part about it was watching the first three minutes, it seemed like Arlovski was going to connect with something and hurt Fedor. So the ending was very dramatic because it really had the feeling like Arlovski could pull this off.

-"Let me tell you how you feelin' right now." - Tito to Fedor

-"The pound for pound best heavyweight in the world...Congratulations, buddy!" - Tito

-God, if you're listening, can you make Tito have chronic back problems, so he remains in the booth and doing post-fight interviews? Please.

-"That last knockout finished the night and gave everybody a little early Fourth of July." - Tito


Anonymous said...

OMG... I still cant believe what Fedor just did....

Shaun32887 said...

That was beautiful. Arlovski did a great job, he's unquestionably the better boxer... but this is MMA. Fedor FTW!

elliot eon said...

crrrrazy shit

Anonymous said...

Fedor is great
he gets me pumped for every fight he has, and he never a disappointment.

ahhhh what a nutttaaa!

Anonymous said...

dahhhhhhhh fedor...

Anonymous said...

Why can't you believe what Fedor just did? He knocked out a guy who he should of knocked out. Never forget Fedor can armbar a revolving door.

Anonymous said...

Comments made in Live Blog by me laugh out loud! Thanks for the entertainment.

chappyd said...

best live blog in the business

Anonymous said...

Arlovski couldn't stick to the plan. He went in to early.

lionit said...

Oh my God!

zizek said...

Excellent stuff. Thanks for posting for us who didn't watch.

Brett said...

Hey Shaun how can you say Arlovski is the better boxer when he got knocked out? LOL. Give it up! Fedor could devestate him in a plain boxing match by TKO!

Anonymous said...

He can say he's the better boxer because.. well, he IS. He's just not the better mixed martial artist, and that's obvious.

Anonymous said...

obviously yinz dont know any thing about mma because the first round was aa until he got caught he was winning the fight its just like faber/brown faber is the better mma fighter but got caught. if it happened again different result.

Anonymous said...

You can't get caught and be better than the guy who caught you. MMA doesn't mean most well-rounded. It means the best use of any tool in the MMA toolbox. A looping overhand right is a tool. Andrei got tooled.

andyflars said...

Arlovski made a mistake and rushed in. Fedor took advantage of it and ended it.

Shaun32887 said...

I guess I meant he was the better boxer because he got caught throwing a flying knee, something he probably wouldn't do in straight boxing.

This is why I love MMA. Even if your opponent is more skilled in one aspect of the fight game, you don't HAVE to engage them there, you can bide your time, keep your cool and then counter however the hell you feel like countering. Anyone why says that Fedor "got a lucky punch" is dead wrong. Fedor was able to keep his head together, read a dangerous opponent and perfectly execute an amazing counter that we were all lucky to have seen.

Also, did anyone else notice Arlovski looking for a takedown when they were clinched? What the hell was he thinking?