Saturday, January 10, 2009

Countdown to UFC 93

Despite what Dave Meltzer said, there is in fact a UFC 93 Countdown show. It won't air on Spike, but you can watch it on

Even though the main event makes little sense in respect to the bigger picture, it is a chance to see two of the best MMA fighters ever go head to head. The rest of the card is all right. The Rua/Coleman rematch would have been a huge deal if it happened while Pride was still around. Time has extinguished most of the heat between the two. Plus, Wanderlei Silva is walking around like Season 1 Tony Soprano when he first takes Prozac and can't stop smiling. Without his temper escalating things, this might turn out to be a dud of a rematch.

(Rear Naked News will have UFC 93 "Live Results" on January 17. As always with tape-delay events, we will not post any spoilers on the site. The "Live Results" will happen along with the PPV.)

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lionit said...

I hope Coleman is still on roids.