Thursday, January 22, 2009

Affliction Loses a Fighter

Chris Horodecki has not been cleared to fight by the California State Athletic Commission. MMAJunkie is reporting the issue was neurological. Tom Atencio is looking for a replacement to face Dan Lauzon, but at this point no one has been named. The loss of Horodecki puts Affliction in tough spot because his fight with Lauzon was to be on the main card. They could bump up the Nogueira/Matyushenko fight to the PPV, instead of having it serve as the final bout on HDNet. Either way it sucks because the Lauzon/Horodecki fight was one of the more interesting matchups on the card.

UPDATE: Five Ounces claims Horodecki has less than 15% strength in his right arm likely due to a bulging disc in his neck.

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postyar said...

Lauzon got lucky. Horodecki was gonna walk through him.