Sunday, January 25, 2009


According to Tom Atencio, 13,228 fans were in attendance for "Day of Reckoning". Their first event "Banned" had 14,832 with 3,590 complimentary tickets, which boils down to 24% of the audience being non-paying customers. If we take a conservative approach and say 20% of the fans this time around were given free tickets, it drops Affliction's attendance to 10,583 actual ticket sales. It's not a disaster or a success, but it should keep Affliction afloat for another show.

UPDATE: According to MMAMania, Affliction spent $3,308,000 on salaries last night. The first event drew $2.1 million at the gate, which means "Day of Reckoning" probably cost them upwards of $1.5 million. We don't have the salaries for the rest of the crew (Chuck Zito, Scott Ferrall, production crew, arena crew, the other two announcers, ring girls, etc), so it might even be more. If I was an MMA promotion, I'd hire the late 80s road crew from Guns N Roses to setup all my shows. Those guys work for nothing but beer, whisky, and groupies.

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Anonymous said...

If they sold under 10K, its a disaster.