Tuesday, December 30, 2008

WAMMA Is Irrelevant

As some of the early followers of Rear Naked News know, I am not the biggest supporter of WAMMA. In fact, I'd count myself as one of their worst critics. To me they are nothing more than a group of idiots looking for a way to wield power within Mixed Martial Arts. I do not feel they bring anything constructive or positive to the sport and hopefully they die a quick death.

Well, with that out of the way, let me get to my point. As was reported yesterday, WAMMA plans on giving their Lightweight Title to the winner of the December 31 Fields Dynamite fight between Eddie Alvarez and Shinya Aoki. Anyone with a brain bigger than a lizard's can see the problem with this. Alvarez and Aoki are both excellent fighters, but to hold a Lightweight Title bout without BJ Penn is like having a party without slutty hot chicks. What's the point?

WAMMA's lame excuse is since Penn is fighting Georges St-Pierre at Welterweight this somehow takes him out of the equation. Of course this ignores the fact that Penn is good enough to make the jump and have a realistic chance of defeating one of the top five fighters in the world within his own weight class. It should not be a negative for a fighter to rise in weight to face world class competition. Somehow, WAMMA finds fault with it.

Of course their stated reasons are not exactly true. WAMMA has been standing around since July without anything to do. The longer they wait, the more their credibility declines. This must be very annoying for a company who wants to sanction MMA bouts and have clout within the industry. It must drive them crazy to see the world of MMA spin without their grubby hands slapping against it.

You can hate Dana White for many things, but his dislike of WAMMA and sanctioning bodies is a major reason to appreciate the guy. If the UFC ever caves, the sport of Mixed Martial Arts will cease to be a middle finger pointed firmly at the boxing industry and instead become a mirror of its multiple sanctioning body format. I don't know about you, but that makes me want to tear the thin hair off the head of a cancer patient.


Adrain said...

Keep the the good work, I'm also a big critic of WAMMA. How can you call Aoki or Alvarez world lightweight champions with out mixing up BJ Penn and Sherk.

These orgs ruined boxing...down with WAMMA.

jaredtheeagle said...

I thought the first wamma title match with fedor and sylvia was dumb to.

danfromboork said...

I'm thinking of opening a company that sanctions basketball champions. We won't sanction any NBA finals winners, just semi-pro teams and stuff.

Anonymous said...

Wamma thinks they are saving MMA but it don't need saving. Go play somewhere else and leave the sport alone.