Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ultimate Fighter 8 Thoughts

I've remained mostly silent on this season because I can't stand when MMA sites spoil the episodes for fans. Here are my thoughts on the season.

-The pranks are boring. If I wanted to watch that crap, I'd buy some Punk'd DVDs. Get back to what made the show popular. Show the damn fighters training! Every time I saw Bader and Nog/Silva sparring, I sat up and watched intently. That stuff was great. Why didn't we see more of it? Why didn't we see Mir breaking down different jiu-jitsu techniques? Instead we get five straight minutes of Krzysztof bringing plates and chairs outside for a prank that wasn't even funny. This show will die soon, if they don't get back to basics.

-Dave Kaplan looks like a guy with terrible body odor.

-I hope they stick with the two weight class format in the future. There just aren't enough quality fighters to find 16 within one division. Young fighters have more opportunities now and being on the show isn't the once in a lifetime chance it used to be. Even with only 8 at each, this season's cast was very thin towards the bottom.

-Nogueira came off as the better coach. Mir seems like he doesn't have the coach gene. He has trouble communicating how to do things because in his mind he just does them naturally. A lot of successful athletes have the same problems when they enter into the coaching world. Nogueira seemed at home dealing with the younger fighters. It might have even helped reenergize a fighter who has spent a long time in the sport.

-The 2 Round "Sudden Victory" fight remains one of the dumbest concepts in any sport. The XFL's opening "Scramble" is a close second.

-Any one who reads a blog written by a TUF cast member should have their eyes removed and given to a blind person. You don't deserve them any more.


river78 said...

I want to see Elliot Marshall get into the UFC. I like his ground game. Maybe he could fight middleweight???

Anonymous said...

Not only are the pranks boring, but they give me douche-chills.

I hope Bader gets subbed real quick. I hate the wrestlers who don't hit. Not having a great stand-up game I can understand, especially for guys new to the sport, but you have to hit people. If you're a good wrestler, take the guy down, keep him down and punch his face in. It everyone fought like Bader no one would watch the sport. You have to hit people!

Anonymous said...

Dude, do you ever post anything positive every time you blog it's like your mangina is leaking. If you don't like a show don't watch it.

Dana White
UFC President

Anonymous said...

There is no way that's a real message from Dana White! In two sentences, he didn't use the word 'fuck' even once.