Monday, December 29, 2008


The worst news to come out of UFC 92 was that the main event for UFC 95 in London, England will be Diego Sanchez vs Joe Stevenson. The news broke about a week ago, however, it was thought it would not serve as the night's only "Main" Event. Well, it seems it will, and I think that blows.

The UFC does so many things right, you almost forget some times they can be wrong. The way they handle their UK events is a perfect example. Rather than giving the foreign fans top notch fights, they continue to hammer less than stellar bouts down their throats.

I was really mad and wrote a play about it...

Rear Naked News

Dana White: We just booked another event in England!
Joe Silva: Hurray!
Dana White: I believe the key to our continued growth is to become a worldwide presence like soccer.
Joe Silva: I spent thirty minues combing my hair tonight.
Dana White: I've got it! We should book a huge main event to get the fans excited. Something that will make the UK fans go crazy.
Joe Silva: I know!
Dana White: Chuck Liddell vs Keith Jardine? Matt Hughes vs Matt Serra? Both on the same card?!!!
Joe Silva: Diego Sanchez vs Joe Stevenson!!!
Dana White: Wow!!! You've still got it, Joe. Here I was thinking the fans would want to see something top notch like Sean Sherk against Kenny Florian, but you've done it again. You truly are the master.
Joe Silva: Hurray!
Dana White: By the way, do you think Marcus Davis could be ready to fight again by February?


Anonymous said...

You write plays about Dana White and Joe Silva at 2am on Monday morning.

Reason #351 why I love this site.

reemax said...

You nailed Silva. He definitely must talk like that.

Anonymous said...

Your formatting is completely wrong. You're never going to sell this script until you use proper style:

We just booked another event in England!