Saturday, December 27, 2008

UFC 92 Live Results

PPV and Live Results have started...

Health Update: I'm alive...barely.

Griffin by 3rd Rd TKO
Nogueira by 2nd Rd TKO
Silva by Unanimous Decision
Kongo Wins by 1st Rd KO
Dolloway Wins by Unanimous Decision

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Preliminary Quick Results
Patrick Barry vs Dan Evensen
-Barry Wins by 1st Rd TKO (injury)
Brad Blackburn vs Ryo Chonan
-Blackburn Wins by Unanimous Decision
Reese Andy vs Matt Hamill
-Hamill Wins by 2nd Rd TKO
Antoni Hardonk vs Mike Wessel
-Hardonk Wins by 2nd Rd TKO
Dean Lister vs Yushin Okami
-Okami Wins by Unanimous Decision

Health Update: I'm gonna go throw up for a little bit. I'll be back before the PPV starts.

Cheick Kongo vs Mostapha Al-Turk
Round 1
Al-Turk doing his best to take Kongo down, but isn't having much luck. Kongo countering with some solid shots to the head. Al-Turk connects with a low blow and the referee calls time. Rogan taking some shots at regional referees. Rogan was a vocal critic of the Fight for the Troops refs and it seems he still hasn't gotten over their bad calls. Fight restarts with some grappling. Kongo knees him in the balls and we have another time-out. Al-Turk is sucking air hard. They've had two halts to the action and he still looks out of gas. Fight gets going and Kongo is on the attack. He catches Al-Turk coming in and drops him back. Kongo on top with some brutal ground and pound. Opens him up with a series of elbows. Referee steps in (finally) and Kongo has the victory. Kongo Wins by 1st Round TKO.

-I have no idea how I am sitting in front of the computer doing this. My head cold has turned into the stomach flu. At all times, I'm close to throwing up. You guys better appreciate this. I'm so heroic and all.

-Silva/Rampage is up next. I'm very glad I got out of bed. As long as I don't puke on my laptop, everything should be cool.

Wanderlei Silva vs Rampage Jackson
-Silva coming out to his customary "Sandstorm". He looks in good spirits. Can't wait for this staredown.
-Rampage has a confused look on his face, as he walks to the cage.
-Rogan making a zillion excuses for why Rampage did not flourish in Pride. All I heard was, "Waaaaaaaah!" He literally said, "He's on a nutritional system for the first time." Are you kidding me? I find that hard to believe.
-Rampage looks soft in the middle.
-No touch of the gloves.

Round 1
Rampage moving forward to start things. Silva backs him up with a combo that barely misses. Leg kick by Silva. 1/2 combo by Silva. Fans chanting "S-I-L-V-A!" Nice jab by Rampage. Leg kick by Silva. Another kick connects. Rampage still not defending them. Silva comes in, misses, and Rampage connects with a huge left that drops Silva. He throws some more strikes from the top, but the first punch already ended it. Those were just some extra revenge and to make sure Silva was really dead. It's over. Silva is still out cold thirty seconds later and he appears to be shivering (maybe he has a fever like me?). Jackson Wins by 1st Rd KO.

-Both guys looked cautious. Silva went in wild a couple times and couldn't connect. He went right out when he got hit.

-They showed Liddell and he was shaking his head following the knockout. No clue why.

-Replay of Barry/Levenson fight from the preliminary card.

Health Update: Still haven't thrown up. Fever seems to have faded a little.

CB Dolloway vs Mike Massenzio
-Massenzio has his leg taped up like a mummy. He's also limping. That's not a good sign.

Round 1
Good body kick and knee by Dolloway. Massenzio connects and Dolloway is hurt. He stumbles back and Massenzio sinks in a guillotine. Dolloway defends well and gets out. Dolloway on top. Massenzio goes for a triangle, but it slips off. Dolloway moves into a full mount. Massenzio turns over and gives up his back. Dolloway immediately flattens him and tees off from the top. Referee steps right in. Dolloway Wins by 1st Rd TKO.

-Dolloway was in trouble. He weathered a big storm. Massenzio complained about the stoppage, but he was just laying there getting hit in the head. It wasn't a bad stoppage.

-Oh God, they're showing the Hamill/Andy fight.

-Hamill acted like he knocked out Fedor after the fight.

Frank Mir vs Antonio Nogueira (HW Title)
-This one looks one-sided on paper. Mir is living off breaking Tim Sylvia's arm. I'd be shocked if he finds a way to beat Nogueira.
-Rogan openly questioning Mir's training.
-Nogueira coming out to "Gimme Shelter". Excellent choice.
-There is always something special about watching a Nogueira fight live. They just always turn out to be wars.

Round 1
A nice right gets through for Mir. Takedown by Mir. He's on top for a little, but then lets Nog up. A jab by Nog. Big body kick lands for Mir. Another jab by Nog. Mir coming forward with good combos of punches and kicks. He's not landing them flush, but they are backing off Nog. A big strike knocks down Nog. Mir on top, but cautious. Lets him up again. Tie-up and knee by Mir. A good combo lands for Nog. Round ends with Mir dropping Nog again. Nog was never in deep trouble, though. Mir 10-8.

Round 2
Solid leg kick by Nog. Mir comes forward and lands a straight left. A heavy left drops Nog (yes, again). Mir on top and referee stops it pretty quick. Nog jumped back up. Mir Wins by 2nd Rd TKO.

-That was a weak stoppage. The referee has to let it go longer than usual when you're dealing with a zombie like Nogueira. I'm not saying he would have won the fight, because Mir was killing him, but you still let it go on.

-"I didn't even think I could beat Nogueira." - Mir

-"I've never been more afraid then when I walked into the ring tonight." - Mir

-Mir was very emotional. He told Lesnar he was gonna make him famous with a break when they fight again. Lesnar laughed it off at ringside.

Rashad Evans vs Forrest Griffin (LH Title)
-Evans came in light for tonight's bout. Griffin is a big Light Heavyweight, so we may see Griffin go with his wrestling to win the fight.
-Griffin enters to "I'm Shipping Up to Boston".
-Cool moment seeing the first two Ultimate Fighter winners staring at each across the Octagon with a title on the line.
-Buffer almost had a brain aneurysm saying, "Itttttttttttt'sssssss Tiiiiiiime!"

Round 1
Evans bouncing around to start the round. Looks light on feet. Griffin stalking him. Evans throws huge punch and misses by an inch. Griffin connects with leg kick. They both trade right hands. Leg kick by Griffin. Left right combo by Griffin. Another leg kick hits Evans lower leg. A solid body kick nails Evans. Evans drops down and connects with a big body punch. Griffin still hitting the leg kicks whenever he wants. Jab/hook by Evans. A right lands for Griffin. A body kick lands to the ribs of Evans. Griffin 10-9

Round 2
A right hand stuns Evans early. Griffin comes running in with a tie-up. Lands some knees and Evans gets out of it. Griffin countering most strikes with leg kicks. Both throw some punches that connect lightly. Leg kick by Griffin. Another lands flush. A big right nails Griffin. Leg kick by Evans. A right lands for Griffin. Leg kick for Griffin. Rogan makes a great point about how Leg Reach is not measured and probably should be. Round ends with a solid strike landing for Griffin. Griffin 10-9.

Round 3
Evans catches a Griffin kick and takes him down. Hard to tell, but he may have also connected with a strike there too. Evans throwing brutal hammer fists. Griffin moving all around and finally stops the punches. Griffin working for a kimura, but Evans defends it well. An elbow lands from the top for Evans. Evans postures up a bit and lands a series of right hands. Griffin moving around. Looks like he's tapping, sorta. Referee steps in on his own. Evans Wins by 3rd Rd TKO.

-Griffin took the first two rounds without much fanfare. Evans was relentless from the top in the 3rd. I'm glad he didn't just lay on top and try to win the round. Evans showed again he knows how to think his way to a victory. Griffin had him a little confused early, but he hung in there and caught him at the start of the 3rd.

-Afterwards Griffin claims he was "flailing" and not "tapping". I believe him.

-"I don't remember being hurt. I remember waking up." - Griffin

-Griffin very cool about the loss.

Health Update: I made it through without throwing up. The fever isn't much fun, though.

-Thanks to everyone who followed along. We broke more records tonight with the amount of people on the site. I'm glad I got my ass out of bed and did it. Please visit our sponsors and keep growing.


geeoo said...

Thanks for the updates.

Anonymous said...

Big Nog got hammered!!!

chappyd said...

mir's win shocked the farts out of me. nogueira walked into everything.

Anonymous said...

I still think Mir blows.

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Anonymous said...

Weak stoppage by the ref after Mir knocked him down for a third time? Did you see Nog when he stood up and not realize where he was? Fucking idiot. Stop writing.