Saturday, December 13, 2008

TUF Finale Predictions

Here are some quick picks for tonight's Ultimate Fighter Finale. I'm not gonna pick any of the non-televised fights because all that would do is pad my prediction record. A retarded monkey could pick those winners.

Phillipe Nover vs Efrain Escudero
-Nover Wins by 1st Rd TKO
Ryan Bader vs Vinicius Magalhaes
-Magalhaes Wins by 2nd Rd Submission
Anthony Johnson vs Kevin Burns
-Johnson Wins by Unanimous Decision
Jason MacDonald vs Wilson Gouveia
-MacDonald Wins by Unanimous Decision
Junie Browning vs Dave Kaplan
-Browning Wins by 3rd Rd TKO


Blackhawk said...

Might ought to have picked those monkey fights after all. Might have made your prediction record up.

By the way I like you had the same winners for the televised fights.

The Bader fight was a good punch where Vinny got caught. The Nover fight on the other hand was totally unexpected. WOW he looked good. Much better than ANY fight in the house.

Johnson's kick was sick. Junie looked very good against an ok fighter.

Cornu said...

only 2/5 correct predictions, ok you not a retarted monkey ;)