Friday, December 19, 2008

Sanchez and Stevenson

On February 21, the UFC will return to London, England and we now know Diego Sanchez and Joe Stevenson will face off in the co-main event. Personally, I think the UFC throws around the term "co-main event" way too much. The whole idea of a main event is it's the MAIN EVENT. Calling something a co-main event makes about as much sense as pairing Matt Hamill and Reese Andy in the Octagon.

Anyways, this will be Sanchez's debut at 155 lbs, which is a surprising move since he was a win away from being a contender at 170 lbs. At some point Joe Silva must have sat Diego down and said, "Look, there is no way in hell you're beating Georges. Wanna beat up Joe Stevenson instead?"

I'd go for that deal too.


foomoo said...

I don't understand why he wants to drop. The line is longer for a title shot at lightweight. You have BJ fighting in Jan than Florian waiting and what if BJ wins the welterweight belt? Sherk probably comes after Florian to. It doesn't seem like a good idea for him if he wants a title.

Anonymous said...

Stevenson is fading. This time next year he will be fighting for EliteXC 2.

xucill said...

Stevenson doesn't have the striking to beat the top lightweights.

Maybe he will drop to WEC and fight Faber.