Sunday, December 21, 2008

Liddell/Jardine II

Take it for what it's worth...I have heard from two sources this week about a rematch between Chuck Liddell and Keith Jardine being seriously considered. Apparently Liddell is campaigning pretty hard for the bout. He's been training and wants to fight relatively soon (March or so). A rematch with the loser of Silva/Rampage would also make sense, but neither is likely to be ready or want to fight again before the summer. Liddell does not want to wait that long and is pushing for the rematch with Jardine instead.

No idea what Jardine thinks of it, but I'd guess they could convince him to take it for the right amount. Despite being a legit title contender in the sport's toughest weight class, he has not made or headliner cash yet. Fighting Liddell would give him another chance to be a main event fighter and possibly end the career of an MMA legend. Also, if he came out the winner, he'd be setup for another big fight with one of the top Light Heavyweights.

From a marketing perspective, the UFC could sell the fight very well. Liddell has lost twice to fighters who train with Greg Jackson. Following the last loss to Rashad Evans, there was tons of talk about how Jackson had figured out Liddell. He knew the formula and it worked twice in a row. I'm sure this did not sit well with Chuck. There were also a small minority of Chuck Gaggers who thought he won the fight. Controversy is always a nice sales tool. For Jardine, they could play up his constant underdog status against bigger names (Liddell, Griffin, Vera). This is a chance for him to silence everyone once and for all.


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Couture is gonna be shooting his movie for ten weeks. Looking more and more like this one will happen.