Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fitch Gets Undercard'd

When Jon Fitch and the UFC made up, it appeared cooler heads had prevailed. Fitch signed over his likeness and the UFC took him back into the family. Well, a month later it's getting hot again. In a surprising move, the UFC has relegated Fitch's fight with Akihiro Gono to the undercard of UFC 94. This does not mean the fight will not be seen. Unless some strange things happen, it'll get on the air. The point is the UFC has not forgotten Fitch's stance against them and they want to make it clear to other fighters how quickly you can go from the main event to an undercard.

The world hasn't seen a more vindictive boss since George Hearst showed up on HBO's Deadwood and began killing miners who wanted to unionize. I'm sure Dana White would love to use those kinds of tactics, but instead he has to rely on pushing one of the top Welterweights in the world off the main card to make a point about company loyalty over personal profit.


expressme said...

I miss Deadwood. Wasn't there supposed to be a movie?

Anonymous said...

Look no disrespect to Jon Fitch, but the Fuckin' kid is a moron.

Dana White,

UFC President

chappyd said...

theyre never making the movie. hbo blows.