Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fight for the Troops Notes

It turned out to be an interesting show. Here are my thoughts.

-I told you Miller was going to be good. To dominate like that on short notice makes me think two things. First, he is a legitimate contender in the coming years. Two, Wiman was overrated. As to the second point, it all has to do with Thiago Tavares. When Wiman knocked him out, Tavares was seen as a rising star. It seemed like Wiman must be extremely solid to defeat an opponent like that. Well, at UFC 88 against Kurt Pellegrino, we found out Tavares was not as good as we all thought he was. I'm not saying Wiman is a bum of Reese Andy-like proportions. He just isn't at the elite level it seemed.

-Matt Wiman probably should have been disqualified for holding onto Jim Miller's shorts. I'm glad it didn't happen, but it definitely was within reason. He should have at least been penalized a point.

-Why was Mario Yamasaki dressed like a magician last night?

-Chris O'Donnell did a PSA! He's still working!!!

-Ben Saunders win over Brandon Wolff was vicious, but it was not on Anderson Silva's level. It also wasn't on Wanderlei Silva's level, who was not even mentioned somehow.

-Razak Al-Hassan reminded me of the early days of the UFC when you'd see a guy enter the cage and you just knew it was going to end badly for him. Cantwell should be ashamed of himself for not knocking that guy's afro off. Rogan could have KO'd that guy and he's like two feet smaller than him. It was cool when he broke his arm. I felt no remorse for Al-Hassan because I picked him to win, despite not knowing a single thing about him.

-Why does Cantwell continue to use "The Robot" as his nickname? My Dad always refers to immobile quarterbacks as robots. Every time I see Cantwell I think of Vinny Testaverde getting shelled by a 300 pound lineman.

-As always, Maggie Hendricks is an idiot. There is a difference between a fighter being injured by an opponent or by a random act (like Corey Hill). Cantwell broke Al-Hassan's arm with a legal jiu-jitsu maneuver. He should not regret it at all. If Brandon Wolff would have started dancing around the Octagon when Hill's leg broke, it would be a different story. If this sort of thing bothers you, I suggest you cover another sport like ping pong or darts.

-Yoshida went with the Al-Hassan/Credeur striking method and never bothered to tuck his chin. It's pretty bad when Mike Goldberg is giving someone striking advice. Credeur gets away with it because he's an awkward fighter. Yoshida is just a stiff.


chappyd said...

maggie hendricks must be a relative of a yahoo executive.

Patrick said...

I actually think that Maggie raises a valid point. I don't think that Cantwell did anything wrong in the ring, but his comments outside the ring were definitely inappropriate. Dale Hartt handled the Corey Hill injury appropriately, but I feel that Cantwell was quite tasteless about it.

GSPFan said...

Cantwell won his fight. The arm bar was tight and sunk in for a long time. Razak Al-Hassan had ample opportunities to tap out. He even had has hand up for a good 5 seconds after he rolled where he could have tapped. Im tired of people bitching about him breaking his arm and being happy about it. If the other fighter is going to be cocky, by not tapping out when he's clearly beaten, then hell yah break his arm and choke him out with it if you have to.

GSPFan said...

God after reading her article again I had to come back and comment.

Maggie is indeed an idiot. How many pre-fight interviews have we seen where the fighter talks about how they are going to injure their opponents? And now this maggie bitch is suprised when it happens.

She also stated "Fighters should want to win, and make their opponents submit or knock them out. That's the sport they have chosen, and injury is part of it. However, aiming to injure an opponent takes the art out of mixed martial arts."

What about Kenny Florian working his nasty elbows to open cuts on people to stop fights? Or Lyoto Machida tactically scoring points with his ellusive striking forcing several decision victories? MMA is all about injuring your opponent. Like it or not this is the sport you have chosen to write articles about. You dumb bitch.

Anonymous said...

it's not the broken arm thats part of the game
it's the ha ha i broke your arm
douchiness taunting