Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Affliction Gets Serious

Since Affliction got into the promoting business, they have not been the best at releasing information. I was seriously questioning whether "Day of Reckoning" was going to happen up until the recent surge of fight announcements. It still makes me wonder why they have not straightened out their PR machine yet. The end of the Todd Beard era should at least clear up the confusion from hearing messages from two different company spokesmen. Although, Tom Atencio probably counts as two people because every time he opens his mouth a flurry of contradictions comes spewing out.

Anyway, the news today is that Josh Barnett will face Gilbert Yvel. Rumors had been circulating that Barnett would face Fedor Emelianenko's younger brother Aleksander. No idea why that one did not pan out. Maybe Affliction is being more budget conscious and decided they did not want to add Aleksander's salary to the event. The strangest part of the Barnett/Yvel fight is what it does for the future of the Heavyweight division. You would think they would want Barnett facing a top notch recognizable opponent, so they could position him for a title shot with a victory. It will be pretty weak if he ends up fighting for the title after defeating Pedro Rizzo and Gilbert Yvel. I mean, maybe if he took a time machine back to 2004 and beat them it would work a little better.


Anonymous said...

Fedor v Barnett would be one of the best heavyweight fights of all time. If Affliction puts that fight together I think it would draw a ton of PPV buys. And if Barnett wins then their very next fight could be Fedor v Barnett II. Please affliction, we've been waiting for this fight for far too long.

tom atencio said...

I have a full head of hair!