Thursday, November 20, 2008


The UFC 90 PPV numbers are in and Dana White is not gonna be pleased.. It only did 300,000 PPV buys. For any one who does not follow this sort of thing, that number is much lower than expected. Since last summer, the UFC has been marketing the hell out of Anderson Silva in an effort to position him as a true headliner. Up until that point Silva had brought in decent PPV numbers (300K-350K average), but nothing spectacular (600K-1M). The bump in buys for UFC 90 never materialized.

The UFC will most likely blame the low number on the crap economy. It is a lie, if they do. The fact remains that Silva still is not seen by the overall public as a must-see fighter. His performance against Patrick Cote will not change their opinions. Lets see if the UFC decides to sacrifice Chuck Liddell in order to put Silva over with the casual viewers. Pairing him with Liddell would assure a large PPV audience and a dominating performance by Silva could transform him into the next big thing.


Sgtdiaz said...

I don't think the PPV buys were low because of the economy. I think it was the poor match up choice for Anderson silva. Patrick Cote is not an impressive fighter, and most people knew he was destined to lose the fight. The only shocker in the fight was that he wasn't knocked out. Lately there has been poor match ups in the UFC. I think they need to establish a better ranking system for the fighters they have and base fights on that and not who will bring in the most money. Example; Brock VS Randy

Cornu said...

well spoken about anderson silva

Piddz said...

I think people would pay to see silva fight in a main event however UFC 90 was far from a solid card. Also I think the economy can be somewhat blamed as people are being more careful with there money, not buying every ufc ppv but only a select few. If you had to choose between UFC 90, 91, 92 you gotta go with 92 it is a far more soild card across the board.