Saturday, November 15, 2008

UFC 91 Live Results

Live Blog and PPV have started

UFC 91 Preview and Predictions

Ryan Thomas vs Matt Brown
-Brown Wins by 2nd Round Submission
Mark Bocek vs Alvin Robinson
-Bocek Wins by 3rd Round Submission
Jeremy Stephens vs Rafael Dos Anjos
-Stephens Wins by 3rd Round TKO
Jorge Gurgel vs Aaron Riley
-Aaron Riley Wins by Unanimous Decision

-UFC has just informed the media they will do a live gate of at least $4.8 million tonight. That's pretty good considering the trouble they had selling tickets. It should end up being one of the top five live gates in UFC history.

-Goldberg and Rogan doing their usual introduction. Rogan's word of the night for Couture seems to be "crafty". Lets set the over/under at 4.5 mentions.

Nate Quarry vs Demian Maia
-Wanderlei Silva is in Maia's corner for the fight.
-Rogan just talked for two minutes straight without a break. He's like a runaway garbage truck when he gets going.

Round 1
Maia presses the action right away. He goes for a takedown and quickly falls backwards and pulls guard. Brief scramble and Maia is now on top in full mount. Wow. Has Quarry's back now and a body triangle hooked in. Peppering him with short punches to the head. Maia is taking his time and working for a rear naked choke. He has it. Fight's over. Maia Wins by 1st Round Submission (Rear Naked Choke).

-He's incredible. Quarry never had a chance.

Josh Hendricks vs Gabriel Gonzaga
-Gonzaga comes out to "Mother" by Danzig. I always said this would be my theme music if I was a closer in the Major Leagues. Even with the great choice, I still think Gonzaga is overrated. Put him in with a real opponent and he falls apart.
-Gonzaga has a two inch reach advantage.
-Condom Depot featured prominently on Gonzaga's banner.

Round 1
A series of clinches early with Gonzaga throwing knees to the body and head. More clinches and more knees. Hendricks looks sloppy. He's coming in hard. Gonzaga lands a knee followed by a right that drops Hendricks. He throws two punches from the top and Maz steps in. Gonzaga Wins by 1st Round TKO.

-Hendricks was out of his element.

-After the fight Rogan says, "This has got to move you one step closer to the title." He then goes on to talk about the title a dozen more times. I told you this would happen. Gonzaga beats a mediocre fighter and all of a sudden he's dominant again.

-Gonzaga tries his best to speak English. His pick for the main event? "The Randy".

-GSP cageside looking slick as always.

-Replaying the Matt Brown fight from the Preliminary Card. Should be back to live action in fifteen minutes.

-Back to live.

Dustin Hazelett vs Tamdan McCrory
-Hazelett sporting a terrible beard. I think it's a leftover from Halloween.
-Hazelett is three inches shorter, but has a one inch reach advantage.
Round 1
McCrory comes out with a whirlwind of punches. Probably only landed 2-3. It looked cool, though. Hazelett connects with a kick. A bomb lands for Hazelett. He snapped McCrory's head back with that one. Nice recovery by McCrory. Fight goes down to the ground. Hazelett quickly going for an omoplata. He has McCrory's arm trapped. Hazelett stretches the arm out and bends it the wrong way. That looked brutal. Hazelett Wins by 1st Round Submission (Arm Bar).

-Looks like Maia won't get Submission of the Night. Hazelett's rubber guard is excellent. He gets right into it and looks for submissions the entire time. I wish more fighters would be offensive on the ground, instead of worrying about position all the time.

-Replaying the Jeremy Stephens fight from the Preliminary Card. Stephens ended it with a huge uppercut. The best word to describe it is "cartoonish". You definitely want to watch this one at some point. I hope they got a clear picture of it connecting.

-Rogan talking with 50 Cent. He sounds like a boxer with brain damage.

Joe Stevenson vs Kenny Florian
-Stevenson comes out first to "Wanksta" by 50 Cent.
-I hope we get some good DellaGrotte comments between rounds.

Round 1
Florian flying around the ring on the balls of his feet. He lunges forward and hits Stevenson in the head with a knee. Stevenson pushes him into the cage. Stevenson went for a big slam and Florian grabbed the cage on the way down. Referee warns him. Florian works himself loose and they are back on their feet. A partial head kick lands for Florian. He follows it up with a takedown, very forceful. He works quickly and has a full mount. Raining down punches. Stevenson is in trouble. He rolls and gives up his back. Florian going for a choke, but can't get it yet. He keeps working and now sinks in the rear naked choke. Stevenson holds on for a little, but eventually taps. Florian Wins by 1st Round Submission (Rear Naked Choke).

-Florian is a machine at this point. He never looks in trouble, even when he is.

-Florian says after the fight that he wants BJ Penn's belt. He says, "BJ you are a master. It's time to kill the master."

Brock Lesnar vs Randy Couture (HW Champ)
-Lesnar comes out to "Enter Sandman" and a mixed reaction from the fans. A lot of boos.
-Honestly, Lesnar looks stiff. Either he's got tunnel vision or he's nervous. I can't tell.
-Couture walks out to "Back in the Saddle" by Aerosmith with a huge smile on his face. Fans going nuts. He looks totally at ease with the magnitude of this fight.
-Buffer's introduction of Couture was longer than Apollo Creed's in Rocky I.

Round 1
Tie-up to start things. Couture drives Lesnar into the cage. Both men holding for position. Lesnar throwing knees to the body. Lesnar reverses it and drives Couture into the cage. On the break Couture lands a big right hand. Fans chanting "R-A-N-D-Y!". Lesnar goes for a takedown. Couture defends partially, but he keeps working and gets him down. Lesnar on top for a little. Couture working and he gets out. He reverses it and Lesnar almost goes down. Lesnar snaps him back down and is on top again. Couture works out of it and is back to his feet. He only took a few punches while under Lesnar. They tie-up and Couture drives him back and throws some knees. Round ends in a tie-up with Couture going for takedowns.
Lesnar 10-9

Round 2
A big shot lands for Lesnar at the start. Couture's legs buckled slightly from the elbow. He regroups and ties Lesnar up. Drives him into the cage again. Lesnar throws a big knee and connects with Couture's head. Couture counters with a right. Lesnar is cut above the right eye. Not too bad yet. He wipes the blood off and moves forward. Both throw and land partial shots. Another tie-up and Couture drives him back again. A knee by Lesnar lands. A right hand lands on Couture's temple. He goes down and Lesnar is on top throwing vicious hammer fists. Couture trying desperately to grab his wrist. He gets a hold for a second, but Lesnar breaks free and continues throwing. Referee steps in. Brock Lesnar Wins by 2nd Round TKO.

-Kind of an odd stoppage. Couture was in worse trouble ten seconds before the stoppage. I don't think Couture would have gotten out, but still an odd time to step in.

-After the fight Lesnar is very humble. Says he has tons of respect for Couture.

-Couture, "That's just a big son of a bitch."

-Rogan kept bringing up retirement. He was forcing it into every thing. Couture seems like he'll definitely be back. He made no mention of calling it quits. It's not like he got dominated. He actually was doing well until Lesnar hit him in the temple. The odd part is Couture sort of ducked the punch and it still ended up hitting him in a bad spot.


jj said...

We need a Trigg appearance tonight. I miss him. Everyone else does to.

Anonymous said...

thanks for doing this. im glad i dont have to spend 50 bucks to see who wins one fight.

Anonymous said...

how long was that fight?

lionit said...

"Rogan is like a runaway garbage truck" - Hilarious

Guilherme said...

I'm from Brazil but I laughed out loud during Gonzaga's attempt to speak english. The icing on the cake was him picking "The Randy" to win against Lesnar.

chappyd said...

that was really funny. atleast these guys try. id be too afraid to ever try to speak another language.

Slugger said...

Dont like Lesnar. Just not cool. Hope he gets his #*^% kicked, but damn he,s a big muther#@*&. I think Randy needs to get a leg like Mir. One thing we know for sure,Randy has a plan and thats what makes him good.

stifenoj said...

These are quick fights. They might replay all the fights from the beginning.

lionit said...

Ken-Flo dominated. I didn't expect to see Stevenson look bad and he did. Florian deserves the shot at B.J.

daly237 said...

Couture looks overconfident. He's going down bad.

NomadRip said...

Thanks for the updates on this. Sounds like a good night.

Anonymous said...

Yes thanks for the blog i cant wait to see it on here

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the results. I used to follow Sherdog's results but those take forever. These were up really fast.

Harold Fowler said...

Wow, talking about a couple of over rated, overpaid yahoos!


Anonymous said...

I love hypothetical crap like this. What a waste of energy.

Cornu said...

Jorge Gurgel vs Aaron Riley was one of the best fights of the night tbh.

Thank god most PPV fights ended in the first round so we were able to see almost all prelim fights :D