Monday, November 17, 2008

UFC 91 Final Thoughts

-Following Brock Lesnar's win over Heath Herring, I wrote this article about his surprising striking ability. His win over Randy Couture proved my point. I'm not sure if it is the fear of the takedown, his enormous fists, natural instincts, or whatever else you want to name. All I know is the guy is the best Heavyweight striker in the UFC.

-Randy Couture should stay at Heavyweight. I think it would be a mistake to move down to Light Heavyweight. If he moves down, you are basically throwing away the possibility of a future rematch with Brock Lesnar. His next bout should be against the loser of the Mir/Nogueira fight. He was not destroyed by Lesnar or even overpowered. He got caught by a punch that even Lesnar could not identify. The UFC should give him one last chance. Keeping him at Heavyweight gives the division validity and opens up more possible matches in the future. Every fight does not have to be a superbout like UFC 91. Couture/Mir or Couture/Nogueira are both suitable main events for 95% of the UFC's PPVs. And imagine the build-up for Randy Couture's final fight if it is a rematch against Brock Lesnar (who has now also defeated Mir/Nogueira) for the UFC Heavyweight Title. You'd get your million buys for that one. I'm sure of that much.

-The other thing about Couture moving down to Light Heavyweight is he'd be paired up with Chuck Liddell. I do not see the logic in the fight. Whoever loses is pretty much finished as a credible contender. You could also keep this fight out there as a final bout for Couture if he lost to Mir/Nogueira. In Couture's final fight in the sport he takes on Chuck Liddell. Now that is drama at its best.

-That tapping noise you heard at the end of the Florian/Stevenson fight was the "Gatekeeper" knocking on Joe's door.

-Looks like the UFC has woke up and realized no one cares about the proposed UK vs US edition of The Ultimate Fighter. Thank God.

-Joe Rogan demonstrated his worth in the announcing booth with his jiu-jitsu analysis. While I give him a hard time for talking too much, which is true, he does a great job of explaining jiu-jitsu to normal folks. Saturday night gave him ample opportunity with Demain Maia and Dustin Hazelett putting on clinics.


tonyrolls said...

Stevenson is in a hard place. He is to tiny to move up and not worth it to fight the good guys at lightweight. He isn't a big draw for fans.

Blackhawk said...

I think Randy moving down would be a bad move. The talent pool right now in the LW divison is extremly full. I am not sure he would be able to jump in and get the fights that would get him a title shot quickly. He just doesn't have the much time to be fighting 2 or 3 fights before a title shot.

On the other hand he could get back into title content likeyou said by winning against the loser of Mir/Nog.

The first time I watched the fight I thought yeah Randy is old and needs to hang it up. Yet I watched it again last night and I have a different point of view now. He was doing a lot of things right and looked good. It would be a good fight should he get a rematch.

nunpuncher666 said...

All I know is the guy is the best Heavyweight striker in the UFC.

Are you high???
Brocks stand up is shaky at best. His genetics won the fight for him. The actual punch that caused randy to drop GRAZED the back of his ear/head. not to take anything away from Brock.. he threw the punch.. he won fairly... But if he WAS the "best Heavyweight striker in the UFC" as you state in your ignorance.. dont you think he would've landed that punch square on the chin of Randy?

Blackhawk said...

nun did you see Randy's face after the fight? How about that ear that you say he 'grazed'. Go back and watch the fight again. It is a solid shot where Brock's hand bounces off and gives the appearance of a graze.

He for sure is one of the best strikers in the UFC and that 81" reach advatage really helps.