Sunday, November 16, 2008

The New King

Brock Lesnar is the UFC Heavyweight Champion. He took some of Randy Couture's best shots and never blinked. He is a true champion in every sense of the word. It does not matter how many fights he has fought. He beat a legend on the sport's biggest stage with a crowd who wanted nothing more than to see him fail. From now on things might be a little different for Lesnar with the fans. He is no longer a pro wrestler trying to be an Ultimate Fighter, and the fans should give him a lot more respect.

Early on in the fight it did not appear like Lesnar would be successful. Couture repeatedly drove Lesnar into the cage and was controlling the pace. He landed a stinging right and seemed comfortable. Lesnar did not panic. Following the punch he took Couture down and controlled the rest of the round. Randy Couture said he wanted to see how Lesnar responded to getting hit in the mouth. It turns out he can take a punch as well give one out.

The 2nd Round began poorly for Couture. He was hit with an elbow that rocked him for a couple seconds. He worked through it by wrestling Lesnar into the cage. Couture showcased his world class wrestling again and again in this fight. He dealt with Lesnar's size about as well as you can. In the end it was a giant fist that dethroned him. For the third consecutive fight, Lesnar knocked down his opponent with a strike. This was not the highlight right hand that dropped Heath Herring. He missed Couture's jaw, but connected with the temple. Once he went down, it was over. He dropped onto Couture's side and rained down hammer fists until the referee stopped the fight.

It was certainly not a dominating victory by any standard. Lesnar caught him with a punch that landed in a perfect spot. It happens in MMA. Eventually it will even happen to Lesnar. Not on this night, though.


Brett said...

Lesner was sooo lucky. That fist to the temple was pure fluke! Couture would easily crush Lesner is a re-match.

lionit said...

It was a fun fight to watch. Nothing happened and I still felt like it was exciting. It stinks to lose on a punch he moved out of the way of but whatever. Brock deserved to win. He definitely won the first and was winning the second.

Anonymous said...

Not a dominating victory? Couture couldn't even stand up!

DawnsLight said... was not dominating...for either one (until the end of course) Brock was already sweatin and huffin an puffin 3/4 of the way through the first round...when Randy had him up against the fence...he didnt even know how to handle it! he kept lookin at his corner..his eyes beggin for advice on how to handle it. Hes still a baby gettin his ass wiped for him...yet he was practically handed the belt after only 3 actually disgusted me to see that belt go around his waist!

Negoish said...

Randy had him, It was a lucky glancing punch. They should have a re-match in the largest outdoor octagon ring ever built in the world where big is not better.

My Call is Clear >
Randy Couture will Win at Re-Match.

Cornu said...
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Cornu said...

brett you have no clue what you are talking about n/o

Brock Lesnar was no "soooo" lucky like you define it. Randy gave his best and was not able to win of a much much stronger opponent.

Randy couldn't control Brock in any way.

Look again at the fight for a few times and you know what I mean.

The only solution to keep the heavyweight class competitive is to create a super-heavyweight class or i'm afraid Brock will dominate this weightclass for a long time.

Please others spare your comments on a "rematch" or whatever. Randy is a pioneer of the MMA and all the true fans have LOTS of respect for this man. (including me tbh) But sorry guys, Randy has to make place for the new and younger fighters. Randy has MANY highlights and he WAS the best. But now it's time to make place for the younger generation of the sport.

But like 50cent said before the fight "there is no way to handle the strenght of Brock".

Brock is a true athlete, i have no clue why people keep whining about his WWE past. WTF does it matter what somebody did before he started MMA.

Lots of respect for Brock from my side, he finally showed that he can eat some punches and he didn't even blink for a sec.

A true champion for a very long time, watch my words.

I'm not an american btw, i'm from belgium europe so maybe i have other opinions than the americans :)