Monday, November 3, 2008

Gomi Chokes

This weekend saw one of the biggest MMA upsets of the year, as the supposed superhuman Takanori Gomi lost a split decision to Sergey Golyaev. To give you an idea of how big of an underdog Golyaev was, he once got choked out by Rich Clementi. On the other hand, Gomi was seen by most as the second best Lightweight on the planet, behind BJ Penn. The loss is especially stinging for World Victory Road, who planned on staging a Lightweight Title fight between Gomi and the winner of their Lightweight Grand Prix (Satoru Kitaoka) some time in early 2009. A title fight featuring Golyaev vs Kitaoka just doesn't have as much steam.


lionit said...

Really shocked Gomi lost. Its like we think fighters are better when we don't see them alot. Also its tough to go long without a loss in MMA.

chappyd said...

i stopped believing gomi was godly when diaz beat him while he was smoking weed.