Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Golden Boy vs Affliction

It looks like I spoke too soon. Golden Boy has officially slapped Affliction in the face. On January 24 the "partners" will go head to head, as Golden Boy will sponsor the Margarito/Mosley fight the same night Affliction's second PPV "Day of Reckoning" takes place. It is shocking to say the least.

While I do not think this will hurt Affliction's PPV buy-rate fatally, I do think it will have some effects. The Margarito/Mosley fight is on HBO. For the segment of people who are fans of MMA and Boxing, this makes their decision pretty easy. I do not see many choosing the PPV when banks are dying daily and GM is a couple months from bankruptcy. Affliction's first PPV only drew 90K or so. If they lose 1,000 viewers because of this, it is substantial.

When these two first joined forces, there was talk of them changing the sport together. The big announcement Affliction's top brass promised never materialized and now two months later they are going head to head. Hopefully it comes out that Todd Beard called De La Hoya a flamer or something. That would make my month.


donnely said...

GB prob didnt think about it. Affliction is not their moneymaker. Gotta look where the dollars roll from. Affliction ain't rollin nothin.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about Affliction?